10 reasons why I’m hyped for Elementalist Lux
Rito has done it again, and like every Ultimate skin so far it looks like a must have.
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Every month there has been a skin I felt was certainly worth the money. Some that I bought were PROJECT:EKKO, Little Devil Teemo, Star Guardian Jinx and more recently Worldbreaker Hecarim. But every year, I have a special place in my heart (and my wallet) for ultimate skins.

Riot has created yet another Ultimate skin that is so crazy, it sounds like a Malaysian road store salesman shouting; “Bro! You want skin? I give you best skin bro, buy 1 get 10!”. Pulsefire Ezreal had 3, Spirit Guard Udyr had 4 and DJ Sona had 3 plus music! But this time, It’s almost like someone at Riot said, “We’re thinking too small for this year’s ultimate skin! Let’s make 10 different versions!”.


Following that, here are the 10 reasons why I can’t wait to unlock Elementalist Lux:

1. 10 skin variations to choose from!
Like I mentioned above, with one 1 skin we get to play with 10 different versions of the elemental mage! Each looking unique to each other.


2. Even the abilities are unique for each element.
Depending on whether you feel like burning, blinding, drowning, freezing or engulfing your enemies in darkness you can decide as the game progresses. Because your abilities will look and sound different depending on the element you chose.elementalist-lux-abilities

3. Incredible attention to detail.
The pure dedication that the design team at riot put in to each individual element of this skin is breathtaking. Every color, outfit and even the fabrics Lux wears in each element was designed with extreme detail. This alone makes me want to give them a hug for all the hard work. I hope the design team gets extra cookies for this skin.


4. Even the voice acting is different for each element!
Yes you read that right. Even the voice acting for each elemental form has different phrases. We’ve been seeing a major increase to the champion interactions recently with our new champions but adding to skins just puts things on a whole new level. Here are some examples:

Light Lux:

  • “I will be a luminous force in the world.”
  • Where there is shadow, I will bring light.”
  • Failure is not an option.”
  • “A candle in the dark! A beacon to the world!”

Fire Lux:

  • “An untamed fire burns without remorse.”
  • Fire flares as quickly as my temper.”
  • When can I burn something?”
  • “Do not make me angry!”

5. Minigame of combining elements.
There are 4 base elements; Light, Air, Fire, and Water (Later unlock nature. By playing a small game of mix and match, you could combine the elements to make other elements such as; Magma, Storm, Mystic, Ice and Dark.

Here are the combinations:

  • Magma: Nature + Fire
  • Storm: Air + Fire
  • Mystic: Water + Nature
  • Ice: Water + Air
  • Dark: Water + Fire/Nature + Air


6. It’s different for everyone.
Every time an ultimate skin has come out, we see everyone playing them and showing off their skin but because so many are playing to use the skin, they look the same. This time, because of the different elements to choose from I think it’s safe to say to say this will be the first time an ultimate skin can be released where we will see different skin choices each game. Some may like the Storm skin or the Ice skin while Summoners like me would prefer the Magma skin. We will get to express our personal preferences through this skin. Just like how some rather be a Jedi and others a Sith lord. I think that’s pretty cool.

7. Avatar: The Last Airbender and more amazing cosplay.
With this elemental skin along with the (sort of) new champion Taliah, it brings us closer to a full Avatar cast of characters! I’m excited to see what the League community does with this content when making fan made videos or even fan art. Let’s not forget the amazing cosplay we’re gonna be getting from this skin. If you’re a cosplayer, now you have 10 different personalities to bring to life! Should be interesting what casual games will come of it too (ahem… Zharif Hamzah… ahem).


8. Imagine the next All for One with Lux!
The battle of 10 elements will be a sight to see. Let’s hope they add U.R.F + All for One. Imagine what that would look like. Lazers. Lazers everywhere. Different colored lazers! Light beams! Dark Lazers! Pew pew!


9. It’s Lux! My first favorite champion.
This is more personal of an opinion than the rest. But Lux was amongst the first mid lane champions I played. I have so much fond memories with this champion because her ultimate was still very unique because of it’s long range. Now we have many champions that have a long range but Lux is one of those classic champions that to this day still is played and referenced in many fan made content. I’m glad she finally got the Riot blessing of Ultimate skin.Image result

10. It sets precedent for future skin quality.
Finally, the Elementalist Lux skin puts Ultimate skins on a whole new standard of skin creation and makes me extremely excited for the future of skins coming in the near future. Riot is showing us what they’re capable of and I’m very optimistic for League of Legends in 2017 with these kinds of improvements.

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