OP Shyvana Ignites Patch 6.23?
The patch of the Half-Dragon!
Analisis | December 1, 2016 | By abang dots

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Welcome to the wonderful and amazing world of Pre-Season Solo Queue Patch 6.23! Today we will be discussing about Shyvana the Half-Dragon and in-true Malaysian culture and also the nature of Shyvana being half-half, we will be doing in Rojak (BM & BI).


RIOT’S comment for Shyvana Changes. 

Shyvana is classified as a juggernaut class champion, this means she can be really really tanky and at the same time deal massive damage. Kelemahan juggernaut class champion dalam League adalah mereka tidak mempunyai mobiliti untuk menggunakan damage output yang mampu diberi tetapi ini berbeza buat Shyvana yang dapat menggunakan ulti-nya mengurangkan jarak antara musuh. 

RIOT has decided to make Shyvana a champion which is alot more flexible by giving her the ability to use juggernaut items at a better rate, items such as Titanic Hydra and Sterak’s Gage. Ini semua terjadi akibat Dragon Form tidak lagi memberi resistance buff tetapi ianya memberi health buff pulak.


Perubahan Abilities Shyvana


daenerys targaryenFun Fact: Is it just me or do you think Shyvana is like Daenerys saiyan fusions with her dragon (Drogo)

How these changes will affect your gameplay?

Using Her
1)  Shyvana merupakan jungler yang amat berkesan kerana mampu clear-creep dengan pantas (Using her W)

2) Anda boleh mendapat level 3 sebelum top or bottom lane naik ke level 2 (Level Advantage)

3) Very Very tanky champion with strong AOE in teamfights

4) Current meta uses alot of ADC which have low mobility (this will strengthen Shyvana’s capability to have high impact early)

Playing Against Her
1) Do not let her gank you early game (Ini boleh membuat dia snowball dengan pantas)

2) Jangan over-push lane anda kerana akan membahayakan posisi champion. (Playstyle menjadi lebih safe)

3) Another high burst damage champion that can endanger or threaten your team due to her AOE damage.

4) Mak oi, satu lagi tanky champion yang kita tak boleh aim first sebab lambat nak kill dan nanti ADC diorang bantai kita!


Playability? Is she OP?

Truth be told, sebab utama saya akan bermain Shyvana adalah bukan kerana perubahan abiliti pada patch ini. Saya lebih suka menggunakannya atas sebab sifat champion itu sendiri yang merupakan half-half naga. Cool gila kot bila dia bertukar menjadi naga dan melompat ke arah musuh hahaha.

Untuk menjawab persoalan OP atau tidak, sememangnya dia boleh menjadi seorang champion yang OP, that’s because she has the ability to snowball really really fast from early game. Her ability to clear minion camps faster than the opponent jungler will always be a valuable asset.

Clear Camp Faster = More Time to Gank!

To me, any champion can be OP if you use it correctly, efficiently and maximize your avenues to victory. If you can push early, then push, if you can get objectives such as Baron or Dragon, go secure it as a team and maintain your advantage over the opponent.

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