Extinction of ROX Tigers
Kesedihan di hati siapa yang tahu =(
Antarabangsa | December 2, 2016 | By abang dots

This article goes out to all the ROX Tiger supporters. I’m sorry to say but your team is no more. Each individual player has left ROX Tigers this week onto better things but before we let them leave our hearts, I decided to write this article as to give everyone a little recap, history, flashback, throwback…. whatever you wanna call it for them hardcore ROX Tiger Supporters and to also share our love for this beloved team with the newbies.

Article ini akan terbahagi kepada beberapa segment:

1) Tigers Origin
2) The Tigers Journey
3) The Tiger Memories
4) Top 5 Gold Moments 
5) Whats Next for each individual player?


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Whats next for each individual player?extinction-rox-tigers-7 extinction-rox-tigers-8 extinction-rox-tigers-9 extinction-rox-tigers-10 extinction-rox-tigers-11 extinction-rox-tigers-12

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