Persaingan: SKT T1 vs KT Rolster
With both teams picking up some of the strongest players. The top 2 teams in the World may now be SKT and KT Rolster.
Antarabangsa | December 8, 2016 | By Putih

As we come to the end of season 6, roster changes have begun. Some changes have been really surprising. Fan favorite ROX Tigers have disbanded, SKT let go 2 of their players Duke and Bengi but picked up Huni and Peanut. KT Rolster picked up some of the best players in the League competitive scene. Which brings me to believe that 2017’s top 2 teams in the world will be SKT and KT Rolster. But who has the better team?


KT Rolster’s OP roster is definitely an exciting one with big names like;

  • Smeb (Top lane) who was voted 2016’s best player in the world.
  • Mata (Support) and PawN (Mid) whom were in Samsung White (2014 World championship winners).
  • Along with Deft (ADC) whom was rated #7 best player in the world in 2015.
  • Finally, Score (Jungle) whom is known for his incredible positioning, an important skill to have as the team’s Jungler.


However, in terms of which team is better, I think it’s still going to be SKT for the following reasons:

1. Peanut is probably the best jungler in the world right now. Getting him over Blank/Bengi is a massive upgrade.

2. Huni has a higher mechanical skill ceiling.

3. They still have Faker. Which on it’s own has always been SKT’s winning card.


Huni has been known for having tilt issues which was why he used to be on SKT’s sub roster because Kkoma felt he was too ’tilty’. With Kkoma bringing him back on board and being the best coach in League of Legends history, I believe these weakness should be solvable and may be a sort of redemption for Huni coming back to SKT. It will be interesting to see how Huni performs without his Jungle partner Reignover.

Although Smeb is easily the best top laner in the world, any other position in KT Rolster’s team is not much stronger than SKT except maybe their ADC. Even then, Bang is still really good and not much worse than Deft. And let’s be honest, PawN is good but not better than Faker.

In a nutshell, KT Rolster might not have the statistical firepower to be better than SKT. However, just like Samsung Galaxy surprised us, KT Rolster’s new line up may take down the 3 time World championship winners. But one thing is for sure, the two will be hitting each other head to head. I also wouldn’t ignore Samsung Galaxy (SSG) either. 

As usual, LCK teams are looking dominant before season 7 has even begun. But Worlds 2017 is still a long way to go, so we will see how well the teams do coming into next season’s LCK and MSI 2017.

What do you think about both these teams? Will SKT win it’s 4th World championship? Comment below and let me know!


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