Meera ‘NeverOne’ Dros, Life of a Streamer
Kenali Streamer Malaysia!
Stream | December 10, 2016 | By abang dots

We in Malaysia have always been fascinated by streamers from abroad. From the region of North America with the funny punchlines and scenes where we see streamers freak out in plays or explore new champions and even critic on whats going on with the world of League, to the regions of China and South Korea to well, lets admit it here and now, we don’t necessarily understand what on earth they are saying but obviously for reason unknown (epic game plays), we watch them just to see and understand how ‘the best’ players play.

Streamers such as Aphromoo, Bjergsen, Brofresco, Redmercy and Faker (the God himself) get all the attention even from us people here in South East Asia, Malay-sia (intentional). However much you enjoy their jokes and funny puns, there’s always a moment when you just don’t understand what they are saying and why’s that? Its because they are not from here…. dan kita mana paham lawak local yang depa buat (yes, mengaku jela kau tuh orang Malaysia!)

But never fear my orang kulit Malaysia yang berfeeling-feeling putih di dalam, di negara kita ade je streamer yang menarik sama seperti di barat. Sebentar lagi saya akan berikan awak intro sedikit buat streamer local di negara kita yang bernama Meera “NeverOne” Dros or as I like to call her Kak Meera (omei omei omei!)

I got a chance to get an interview with her and it was amazing, she was such a sweetheart and if you watch her stream, she is really like that and she aint faking it! On her stream I also saw her giving out
FREE ELEMENTALIST SKINS!!! OMG!!! Best gila… so you guys get an incentive while watching…
Untuk anda mengetahuinya (Kak Meera), all you need to do is click a button… dan cahaya penerangan jiwa, akan anda nikmati! Hahahaha (LINK)






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