5 things about Snowdown Hextech Chests
Snowdown Hextech chests are here! Keep in mind these 5 things to make full use of this festive activity.
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♪ Jingle bells! Snowdown sales! We’ve got new Hextech chests! ♫  (Hope you read that like the Jingle bell song) Snowdown is back and just like the new skins and new maps, the addition of the Hextech chests this year has now brought us Snowdown Hextech chests.

We’ve seen Riot play around with the Hextech chests during various events, the most recent being for Worlds 2016. But for Snowdown, it looks like Riot is doing something extra with their chests for this festive event. Introducing various ‘crafting‘ elements to the chests to unlock sweet sweet skins. Here are 5 things you need to keep in mind about the new Snowdown Hextech chests.

1. Sweet, Sweet, Sweets!

Collect Snowdown sweets from chests! These sweets are used to unlock the new limited edition Summoner icons! Some icons cost more sweets than others so be sure to keep that in mind when collecting sweets. There are a few ways to get sweets:

  • Unlock regular Hextech chests (Now called “Winter chests): Contains 1 sweet
  • Buy Snowdown chests: Contains 3 sweets
  • Weekend bonuses (Saturday & Sunday): Buy 2 sweets for 200 IP each day = 4 sweets for 400 IP from both days.

TIP: You’ll only need 78 sweets to unlock all the sweet Summoner Icons.


*There are also other Summoner Icons which are not unlocked by sweets but purchasable with 100 RP each.

**2 icons are awarded by;

  • Buying a package of 10 Winter chests.
  • Gifting an item to a friend during Snowdown.

During the event, icons will add a special emote. Happy CTRL+6 everyone!

2. Daily Snowdown Chests!

Snowdown chests have several items and a different theme each day, they also don’t need a Hextech key to open. These chests will cost 105 RP and you can only buy 6 Snowdown chests per day

Every chest contains:

  • Unique theme of the day skin shard:
    • Image result for polar bear clipart transparentFrozen Fiends – Icy creatures and warriors skins
    • Image result for mistletoe clipartMistletoe – Valentines skins
    • Image resultBatteries Not Included – Robot skins
    • Image result Looting Stars – Space skins
    • Image result Coldies But Goodies – Legacy Snowdown skins
    • Image result Fired Up – Fire skins
    • Image result for ghost icon Nightmare Before – Monsters and ghosts skins
    • Image result for cake icon Sinful Succulence – Candy and Chef skins
    • Image result for swimming icon Frozen Pool Party – Pool party skins
    • Image result for knight icon Silent Knights – Knights and Adventurer skins
    • Related image Fun and Games –  Arcade and Sports skins
    • Image result for elf icon Braum’s Little Helpers – Yordle skins
    • Each theme will be available atleast 2 times during the snowdown event.
    • UPDATE (16/12/2016 @ 3:35PM): My sources tell me there are more themes than the above I’ve listed. I’ll update the list as they are released. Just added Frozen Fiends.
    • UPDATE (20/12/2016 @ 11:30AM): Added Mistletoe, Nightmare Before, Sinful Succulence and Frozen Pool Party.
    • UPDATE (28/12/2016 @ 2:20PM): Added Silent Knights, Fun and Games and Braum’s Little Helpers.
  • 3 x loot-candy Sweets!
  • Highest chance of dropping King Poro’s Treasure Fragments:
    • Combine 3 fragments to create 1 King Poro’s Treasure chest.

TIP: If you buy the maximum number of Snowdown chests (6 per day) for the entire duration of the Snowdown event (15/12/2016 ~ 10/1/2017) you would have bought 156 Snowdown chests containing a total of:

  • 156 skin shards
  • 468 Sweets
  • 52 King Poro’s Treasure chests (Assuming you got 1 fragment per box)

That total RP value is worth much more than buying the same total amount of skins individually.


3. King Poro’s Treasure Fragments!

Next up are the Poro King’s treasure chests. These chests reward us with skin permanents worth 270 RP and above! But they’re not as easy as buying them. You’ll need to combine 3 x chest fragments to make 1 Poro King’s Treasure chest. Luckily, you won’t need a Hextech key to open it.

How do you get chest fragments?

  • Snowdown chests (Daily themed chest, can only buy 6 a day, doesn’t need Hextech key to open)
  • Legacy chests (Includes legacy skins, doesn’t need Hextech key to open)
  • Winter chests (Normal Hextech chests, needs a Hextech key to open)

TIP: As mentioned above, the highest chance for Poro King Treasure fragments are from Snowdown chests. 


4. Weekend bonuses!

Players get an additional 2 x Snowdown sweets for 200 IP on Saturdays and Sundays! In total, you should be able to buy 4 sweets every weekend for a total of 400 IP. So don’t miss out on these extra sweets if you hope to unlock the more “candy hungry” icons.

TIP: Assuming you buy 4 sweets every weekend, that would amount to 16 sweets. With just 2 more sweets you’d be able to unlock both the Penguin and Gingerbread man Summoner icons.

5. Guaranteed Legacy skin chests!

Legacy chests contain 1 Snowdown sweet and big surprise… Legacy skin shards! They’ll cost 105 RP each and are only available during the weekend. If you weren’t sure what skins were considered legacy, these are 10 skins I’m guessing will drop from the Legacy chest, there will be more than these of course. 

TIP: Many Legacy skins have not been available for years. Therefore some are worth much more than 190 RP. With the chance of getting Poro King Treasure fragments and Sweets, Legacy chests could be almost as valuable as Snowdown chests as long as you get a rare Legacy skin.

This coming Snowdown event makes me more and more excited each time I talk about it. Are you excited for Snowdown 2016? Did you find this article useful/informational? Comment below and let me know!

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