Top 15 League Moments of 2016
Lets go back through 2016................ as we go into 2017!
Panas | January 5, 2017 | By abang dots


Intro: Hey guys, how was your new years celebration? Did you all go out and party with friends? Or did y’all spend the night in playing League of Legends. (Haaha) In my friends list I saw many people online playing the game until! Since maybe some of you wanted to avoid the traffic jam or are just tired of ‘celebrating’ new years.

Today we’re gonna be talking about some of the things which have happened in League of Legends for  the year of 2016 but…. of course we’re gonna be talking about what happened in our local scene too! There’s just too much shit happening and well maybe some of you… like me… forget stuff easily cos your just ‘busy or is it actually lazy’.

“The list here is not in any particular order and is based on my own opinion on what was most memorable about the year of 2016”

1) SKT-T1 Wins Worlds for the 3rd time!

Many had doubts that SKT would win Worlds for the 3rd time this year. Prior to the competition, their performance was above average and many analysts had concluded they were not the same team that had once won Worlds before. It looked like SKT silenced their critics by dominating the entire championship. Though many hoped for their defeat to the ROX Tigers especially during the thrilling matches where Miss Fortune was chosen. Through their hard work and many hours of practice, SKT-T1 had emerged victorious among all other international team.

The question I wish to ask everyone now is….. Will they do it once more? Especially with the huge changes in their team rosters. Can Faker continue to be given the nickname as LoL God? Will SKT-T1 dominate once more this year at Worlds 2017 (hush hush at China)……..


2) Elementalist Luxelementalist-lux-abilities

Probably the most hyped skin this year would have to be Elementalist Lux. With its own unique animated video and an arsenal of skin customization, none can deny that the best and most anticipated skin for League of Legends this year was the Elementalist herself. With different mutations and colors to choose from, which are you most fond of? Wait whaaaat…………… do you even have the skin bruh?

Personally I loved the skin and straight away bought it on my account. Lux for the next 2 months became my staple mid champion. Why not right? You have the pwetty pwetty skin, might as well use it to the fullest and master the damn champion…. Hahahaha. My favorite would have to be the Darkness and Magma! Darkness is the emo in me.. and Magma is the badass i suppose.. LoL (please dont judge me hahaha)


3) A ton of amazing new champions!3-new-champs

Where to start huh….. there is just an array of new champions this year which would make any new player dizzy and scared at the same time.  The most memorable ones are most probably the Star Forger Aurelion Sol (yes the badass dragon dude) to the freakin Steel Shadow Camille (Robocop-female) and lastly the Virtuoso Jhin (the guy that has 4 bullets). Yes yes i know, i know there was Kled and Ivern too but… lets be real, u very rarely see them being picked as compared to the other 3.

My favorite would have to be Jhin and Camille. Yeah that’s right, the two of these champion would definitely be my pick for new champions of 2016. Who doesn’t love Jhin, who has a freakin cool champion mechanic and well.. dont let me get started with his ULT! (Boom, bOoM, boOM and lastly BOOM!) I want to talk about Camille, but seriously where can I actually start right? There’s just too many ways you can build the chick right. Equipped with them crazy ass hooks that can jump on your ass and backflip kick you into oblivion. Nowadays I just ban Camille whenever I go rank cos she’s just too annoying (when properly used)


4) East Coast Championship.MY!ecc-champ

Do you really think i’m gonna miss our local scene guys? Come on, this year has been amazing for the local scene. We did the 3rd East Coast Championship at the biggest venue so far. The first was held at a W.O.C Online Cyber Cafe…. the second was held at University Shah Putra and well, the third we held it at the East Coast Mall (biggest shopping mall in the east coast). Hopefully Garena gets a big ass stadium this year where thousands of people can come and view the sport they love.

This year’s East Coast Championship saw the rise of Despo from Terengganu. They had been undefeated throughout the entire competition showing a strong combination of teamwork and pure skill. Who says the East Coast people aren’t talented and can’t compete with them KL boys! I’ll be sure to update you guys about Team Despo as right now, their momentum is growing and many believe they have a chance to make it big in TLC 2017 (I did not say win OK!) (More about them later)


5) Star Guardian Skin!star-guardian-thumbnail

Yes yes, the second most anticipated skin for this year must go to these ladies of the moon! Descending from the stars like a comet about to hit the earth, the impact these ladies made was amazing. The teaser and song made everything even cooler than we had first anticipated. Truth be told, the best version of the song wasn’t the English version but it was actually the Japanese Version (Click Here Guys) Trust me, I don’t recommend stuff just because I want to hype shit up, its because it’s really really good! It’s like a freakin anime song!

Ok.. ok… to get back on track. I’m pretty sure the skin made everyone at least want to own one right? Truth be told I never used any of the champion available as a primary/main before but after I saw the skin, I kinda knew which one I wanted to buy and of course it had to be JINX! It kinda brought back memories of Sailor Moon, one of my the very first anime (that time it was ont TV3)


6) New Garena Client!league-client-alpha

This sorta right and sorta wrong at the same time but if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ve probably tested and tried the new Garena client last year. It’s extremely different from the old one. It’s more futuristic and clean at the same time. No more old graphics and textures where I think most players are bored of. The ranked game version is also a lot more serious and cool where you actually feel like you’re jumping into the game as the loading screen appears.

The new client is set to replace the old one some time this year but no particular date has been set. I’m guessing its probably gonna be in some time mid 2017. No one really knows but once the new Garena Client is enforced, say bye bye to the old client as you cannot play League using it anymore.


7) Zed Ignite!

Ho Ho Ho…. this one is pretty cool too. If you’re into EDM or you at least listen to the top 100 songs on Fly.FM or Hitz.FM, you’ll probably know who Zed is. Just like Imagine Dragons were chosen to make the 2014 Worlds Anthem, this year, Zed was chosen for the 2016 Worlds Championship main anthem. When word broke out, everyone was freakin excited and yes, I understand until this day, many of you still dislike the song but Ignite is a song which will grow on you the more you listen to it =p

Personally, when I first listened to the song, I was pretty bored AF. The video clip was waaaaay more interesting as compared to the song itself with all the history and really cool hidden messages (Don’t tell me you guys don’t know) Well, go google it yourself if you don’t know ok but yeah, after listening to it for a few times, it became really really catchy and I was hooked. Its a futuristic EDM-ish kinda song which I believe is pretty cool after a while. Personal preference I suppose. ZED- Ignite!


7) Creation of DuniaLoL!

Haven’t you all ever wanted a website where League of Legends can be discussed on a more local perspective? Of course you want to hear about whats happening in Korea and North America, yeah we feed you those information too but seriously, news about the local scene has seriously been lacking for some time. The only news you get is from Garena, who’s like a teacher telling you to do your homework, so formal and no real thunder behind it. We at DuniaLoL are focused on giving you the perspective of a true Malaysian and yes we may critic some people but the reasoning behind it is also explained. If you disagree then you disagree, that’s ok, we all have our own opinions.

Don’t you want to know about the teams dominant teams in your community, your kampung and school? We believe that for the League of Legends scene to grow, it’s important that the local scene must be highlighted! When will there be a tournament? How do you participate? What’s the new build or team composition? These are all essential items necessary for the Malaysian Community to grow in quality and maturity. It’s essential to create this environment for the community, that is if you ever want to see a Malaysian Team in Worlds.


8) Selangor Cyber Games!

The Selangor Cyber Games proved to be an awesome event where thousands of people attended. Yes it was really in the thousands! Teams there duked it out to see who would become king and have the bragging rights. Though many people had anticipated Orange E-Sports to win, what people anticipated and what became a reality was completely different. Mineski-X, a relatively new team from Johor became the champions (more about them later)

Another big thing which happened was that the host for the League of Legends tournament was none other than local superstar Nabil Ahmad. Yup, he even played a game with fans where he chose Teemo and to the expectations of many, he had his ass owned! but still, it was extremely entertaining and fun for the audience to watch!


9) New Upstarts (MineskiX and Despo)


Yeah… well yes many would say Kuala Lumpur Hunter (KLH) are the best team in Malaysia (I would agree) but this year alone, 2 new teams have made a name for themselves winning big local tournaments. What’s more amazing is that both teams are not from KL but from Johor and Terengganu. Let’s get this straight, I’m not trying to say they can both beat KLH, but I believe that the competitive scene in Malaysia is slowly growing and from the looks of it, MineskiX and Despo seem to be this year’s team to watch.

ecc3-despo Despo

Both teams have their different play styles and strategy. MineskiX seem to be more prepared and organised especially with the help of their coach Cola who teaches and guides the players strategically. Despo however are all gathered around their team captain Mr.Ding who is their main jungler and shot caller. His presence in game can be felt as he roams and assists the team. No one can tell the fate of the 2 teams but I am hoping it would be an amazing year for both of them this year as they further grow and become better!


10) Nautilus Reef Project

On the coast of Queensland, Australia, the Nautilus Project was undertaken as to create an artificial reef habitat for the ocean creatures of Queensland. It’s a project where thousands of people throughout the Global League of Legends community had participated in. Those who had participated will forever be enshrined as their summoners name had been inscribed on the Nautilus statue itself before it was dropped into the depth of the deep blue ocean.

I find this extremely fascinating and humbling as summoners/gamers showed interest in such an environmental issue and are not just in their own little world. This goes against the stigma that gamers just play games and don’t really care about other issues. Just like the 9gag post: Faith in Humanity Restored!


11) Assassins Update

Oh man, this one is just really really scary. New updates for the assassins class champions which really needed a buff after such a long time. This made the assassins class become stronger in utility, damage and team fights. Some of the major updates were on champions such as LeBlanc, Talon, Katarina and Rengar. I’m sure when this update was made, some of you had a really hard time going up against them and had even lost a few games due to the sudden burst of LeBlanc or the spinning blades of Katarina.

Not to mention the jumping Talon who is basically doing parkour in the jungle either initiating ganks or even while he runs away from being chased by you or your team. This update made many players try the assassins class more based on the data I received from Garena. The one that had the most significant increase in usage was actually Talon.


12) Universe Update!

This one is more of a niche but still, I consider it a very important event for League of Legends. Now everyone knows that each champion has a lore, a back story of some sort which explains their existence in Runeterra. FYI- Runeterra is the land which the entire League of Legends Universe exists. Some of you whom like your champions very very much might of done a little digging to understand what made your champion this way, whats their character like and what they basically do but if you’re like me, someone who likes to read fictional books, then you might enjoy the LoL Universe.  There are soo many things which readers can enjoy in the universe itself.
You’re able to understand what’s the relationship between Gangplank, Miss Fortune, Illaoi, Twisted Fate, Graves and how their fates intertwine with others champions. (The names given are in Bilgewater, a place in Runeterra) It’s pretty sick because if you enjoy reading stories, it’s basically like a Short Story of all the League of Legends Character and its amazing (I’m not geeking out yo, I just like to read )


13) Year of the Underdog!


What do I mean of about the year of the underdog? Well if you’re active with eSports locally and internationally, you can see a trend this year whereby teams of little renown have been beating and upsetting favored teams and making it further than anyone else could of ever anticipated. You don’t believe me? I can probably give you a list and you can just see the links yourself bro ;p

1)  INTZ beats EDG at Worlds Championship 2016! (LINK)
2)  APU beats Taylor College at MYCL 2016 (LINK)
3) MineskiX wins Selangor Cyber Games (LINK)
4) Albus Nox Luna show the strength of Wild Card teams at Worlds Championship 2016 (LINK)


14) Miss Fortune Support!missfortune_8f

To those that watched the game between Rox Tigers vs SK-Telecom T1, you’d probably know what I mean. The unexpected pick of Miss Fortune as a support against one of the best team in the world was beyond shocking! Many thought it was an accidental pick but it turned out to be one of the best off-meta pick ever this year. SKT receieved a beating against Rox Tigers twice in a row with the Miss Fortune pick but later on SKT banned it for the 5th game of the series which they eventually won.

Though Rox Tigers lost, they sure as hell put on a great show for the audience and for both games when Miss Fortune was picked, you can see the fans roar of energy as they cheered for Rox. Such creativity, such out of the box thinking which had almost brought down the very so called untouchables of League of Legends!


15) Teemo-ing!

Did you really think I would forget about The Teemoing? Hahhahaha… This event was fantastic due to the fact that it was really really hard at certain levels and you needed a good team composition and teamwork if you wanted to win. Even the best of us would have trouble if we didn’t prepare for what was to come. Oh Teemo, if only this mode was still available just like ARAM, i’d probably play this mode a few times a day just for fun. Its simply relaxing and yet fun because your playing against a BOT and there is no added pressure. (hahaha maybe thats just me)

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