3 awesome things about Dreadnova Gangplank
A new kind of hero joins the battle in the stars. One of grit, no taste for scurvy and a whole lotta' LAYZORS!
Trending | January 7, 2017 | By Putih

With all the galaxy monsters and creature skins we already have in League of Legends, you’d think it would be time for some Guardians of the Galaxy to help us! Ya aku tau ada Star Guardian skin tapi itu Sailormoon la! I mean really Guardians of the Galaxy style. Finally we have the first of many to come for this “universe” theme, Dreadnova Gangplank. Mestilah the King of Bilgewater would be the first to respond to Darkstar Thresh

With our excitement for the coming new “space” themed skin, here are 3 awesome things about this new Dreadnova Gangplank skin.

1. Reference to his love with Illaoi

With the new League Universe Lore, we now have better access to all the backstories of all the regions of Runeterra and our favorite champions. What some of you may or may not know is, Gangplank and Illaoi used to be together! There’s reference to it in Illaoi’s lore here;


It’s a nice touch to have the “Kraken” tentacle be a part of the skin’s animation. It’s like she’s pulling him to her and he said “NO!” haha. Probably because of the pain Illaoi put him through. ♪ It’s too laaaaaate! It’s too late to apologizeeee!~ It’s too laaate!~~ ♪

2. Tribute to Tobias Fate?

We have lots of pro players who play champions like Riven (BoxBox), Zed (Faker), Vayne (Doublelift) and many more. But when it comes to pro Gangplank players, Tobias Fate is the most well known in the League community. He also likes playing Kano from Mortal Kombat. Could this skin be a sneaky League of Legends tribute to Tobias Fate? It definitely looks like it! Even the one eye from Kano on his YouTube channel profile picture looks similar to the Dreadnova Gangplank skin.

I’m looking forward to seeing some pro plays from Tobias Fate once this skin comes out! I’m sure he would appreciate blowing up his enemies in beautiful “plasma” bomb barrels.

3. Awesome announcement timing

The teaser announcement of this skin was close to perfect on 6 December. Just 10 days before the release of the new Star Wars movie “Rogue One” (16 December) and 3 days after the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie trailer. When all of us were feeling the space vibes, this skin came in hyping us up for some “wars in space”. I felt it was a nice touch to feel more of the Star Wars vibe.

Star Wars: Rogue one movie came out 16th December

Guardians of the Galaxy trailer came out on 3rd December.

December was an exciting period for space themed movies and content. This January, I’m still feeling the vibe. Let us welcome Dreadnova Gangplank to our space themed skin line up!

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