The DuniaLoL Experience: Semi-Pro Cup
What we experienced at Semi-Pro Cup!
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On the 6th and 7th of January, a very important event had took place. Not many Malaysians know what the Semi-Pro Cup is and most importantly where it could take you as a player but the mystery and misconception to many of us still remains, ayaaaa there is no way to be a professional player in Malaysia!

“This is where you are wrong!”

Road to Pro


The Semi-Pro Cup is made up of 32 teams from all over Malaysia. These 32 teams are teams which show considerable talent and had to battle their way to further if they wish to qualify into THE LEGENDS CIRCUIT (TLC) and make a name for themselves.


Seems Legit

So yes… there is a road for you and your entire team to become professionals. If you climb the ladder till the very top, you can actually be on stage playing with the likes of Faker, Smeb, Likrit, Bjergsen and Doublelift. (If you can climb)


So now do you see the importance of the Semi-Pro Cup? 



Are you not entertained


The DuniaLoL Experience:
Semi-Pro Cup


The Semi-Pro Cup started at 6.00PM on Friday the 6th of January  and the DuniaLoL team went to one of the various Cyber Cafes which was to host the entire tournament. The Cyber Cafe which we had visited was at Autosurf SS15 Subang Jaya. A total of 4 teams made camp there and they were all geared up to do battle. We chose to follow a particular team so that we could share our experience with the viewers reading now and perhaps give everyone a sense of actually being there itself.

Autosurf SPC

The total matches to be played on that day itself were 3 games per team and the tournament was to continue on the next day (if they survived). Teams would be matched according to random draws made the week. Each team knew that for them to qualify to TLC, all they had to do was win 3 games and automatically they would qualify for the next tournament. The point of Semi-Pro Cup was to basically cut the number of teams from 32 to become 15 (Why 15?) (Kuala Lumpur Hunters are given a seed due to them winning the year before)


As the games raged on, many were seen standing behind the players as they played and battled with the other teams. Shouts and screams could be heard as each team made better and better plays to outwit each other. The only moment of silence was when each team discussed their tactics and combos during the pick and ban phase. You can see from each other their faces how much they had trained with each other just to reach this particular point. The common question we had asked was, How Many Hours Did You and Your team train for the Semi-Pro Cup? Many would answer that they had been training together for at least three weeks.


Autosurf SPC 2


As the hours passed and screams began to fade, some would come out of the Cyber Cafe with disappointed and sad faces. Their dreams to enter TLC had come to an abrupt stop. Many would say that they lost because they were unprepared though they thought they were. Some would say that they were too confident and then the blame game started. Just like in public matches, even teams that were close and bonded over league, when faced with the pain of defeat, even they would buckle and bicker among themselves. It was a sad sight to see but luckily the manager stepped in and set things straight.

“It was a team effort, win or lose we must pull out of this together, stronger and and closer” 


SPC Final


At the end of the day, team Swestic became the supreme ruler of them all. Though they had initially lost to Orange E-Sports in the Semi-Finals and were dropped to the losers bracket, the Swestic team came back with a vengeance as they came back and eventually won the who tournament.

We from DuniaLoL would like to congratulate team Swestic for their victory at SPC and also to all those that participated. Though the games were merely a best of 1 game, I’m sure that those who qualified into TLC will undoubtedly try their best to improve and prepare as they discovered during SPC, their weakness as a team and once we enter TLC, those failed ganks or wrong team composition problems will not occur once again.


We would also like to congratulate team Mineski-X and Despo for qualifying into TLC. As we had expected from both emerging teams, they would surely be in the spotlight this year. Mineski-X managed to get a whopping 3rd place in the tournament (that is just simply amazing!!) and we believe that their coach, Cola should also be congratulated for taking his team into the top 3 category.

Our other team, the boys from Terengganu, Despo also qualified. Though initially they were placed number 16 and did not qualify, due to NoMoonHyun getting disqualified, they had managed to grasped their way into TLC. These Terengganu boys sure can take a punch and keep going. Goodjob boys!


The Results



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