The Difference: Pro or Not
The test to see if you and your team prepare like pro's.
Analisis | January 13, 2017 | By abang dots

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We’ve got a few questions to ask the audience.
This way, you and your friends can identify if you make preparations like a true professional team or are you guys just a bunch of really super confident League players (pffft!)


These question will ask you questions on different aspects of the team gameplay which are considered important and vital for League of Legends but please, try to be really honest with yourself so that moving forward, you’re able to improve and become even better players than before.

Lets Begin


Question 1


“Does your team have a carefully laid out plan for the pick and ban segment before a game starts?”

As we all know, team composition is essential when playing League of Legends. The game can already be lost before you actually start buying items. A sudden instalock for Yasuo or Illaoi by your top laner could potentially destroy your team composition which was prepared for a certain strategy or gameplay. During a serious game (ranked), you probably might want to make sure that each champion pick further supports the synergy and objective of your team. 

You also have to consider the opponents pick as to ensure that proper counters can be made. Yes its true you want to show your ability with your best champion (Yasuo) but you must ensure that the team composition is strategically one step ahead of the opponent’s. A simple Trundle pick over Yasuo for Top laner could have meant the difference between your team being able to win a particular game. Bare in mind, you have to consider what champion your teammates can play too.


As a team, you’ve decided to use Jhin as the focal point of the team. Whenever a teamfight would start, Jhin would Ult and everyone would engage and fight under the cover of his Ulti. With that in mind, your ADC on the other hand is the kind of player that just loves to be aggressive (always!). A pick such as Zyra for the support would do wonders as she is a very good poke champion which has high synergy with Jhin due to his long range W. This will harass and further push back the opponent Support and ADC which are unable to match their poking ability. Your Jungler pick for maximum synergy would be a champion such as Zac who is able gap-close very easily and be the front line of your team. This works wonders also with the Supplement of Jhin’s Ult.

Personally I believe that Gangplank as a Top laner is just amazing especially with his Ult to further compliment Zac’s engage. Mid can be a flexible pick of either Victor, Ahri, Veigar or Twisted Fate, depending on what the opponent goes for. Question is, are there players in your team which insist on playing particular champions even though it isn’t a good fit for the team?


Mf pick


Question 2


“Does your team practice enough with each other before a tournament or serious game?”

When I asked you this question, the keyword to take away from it was, WITH EACH OTHER. This is because indeed it is true that you solo queue and practice every single day but it is impossible for you to take that solo queue practice and simply assume that you can have the same impact when you’re playing with your real team (Some would disagree with us on this point) The reason we say this is because, with every single person/team you play, their playstyle and objectives would differ from the previous person/team you played with. A split push oriented top laner would probably not Teleport to the bottom lane if their bottom lane was being pushed, even though there was a deep ward which could have turned the tables if a simple Teleport was made.

The point we’re trying to make is, the more you play with your team, the better the understanding and communication will be. Some new teams would shout for a teleport to bottom and some would expect to for you to continue pushing but the most important thing is you and your team understand the general idea of how the team would react and expect you to move. This in turn would lead to better communication and teamwork (no fighting please)


Your team sees a five man rotation to top lane by the opponent team to secure the first tower. Your top laner is Gangplank. What does your team expect you (bottom) to do. A solid team would understand that Gangplank has strong wave clear ability and that it would be fairly difficult for the opponent to push the tower. This in turn should supposedly make your team to take the undefended bottom 1st tier tower and if possible, to also secure dragon (In a perfect world)

In a not very perfect world, what you usually see in some teams is that the other lanes would continue farming and be unaffected by the 5 man push at top, as if nothings happened. Imagine if your team were to all instantly recognize the movement of the 5 man rotation to top and in turn instantaneously makes a counter by pushing bottom. Yes it’s true that when you’re reading this,you know you have to do it, but do you really?

Yes No Maybe



Question 3


“Does your team do any proper analysis of past games?”


Realistically, every team does some kind of analysis after a game. If it be did you see that one particular kill he made or another guy blaming the support for not using his Ult earlier during a team fight. Let’s be clear that what we meant by proper analysis is that you look at each and every persons action in the game and suggest improvements for them to make. (SUGGEST). The objective is to help improve player performance and indirectly the entire teams.

Proper analysis is important as to make sure that all aspects of the game can be improved on and it is not for the purpose of pointing fingers. During this phase, you must also identify whether the strategy or shot-called during the game was correct or not.


One situation which keeps repeating itself over and over again is the decision to contest dragon/baron. Usually the eagerness to contest would best the feasibility or capability of the team to actually contest. Was the team tank in the front lines when contesting the objective? Was everyone in position as to contest the objective? Was it the right time to contest or should the team of chosen to pursue another objective which could of brought more benefit to the team in the long run. Was everyone’s Ult ready and what are the odds of being able to contest the objective. These elements and factors should be calculated in an instant as to ensure victory. 

Shut Up and Take My Money

Lets take a moment to reflect

Indeed these are just 3 simple questions which have been asked, but from there, you yourself come up with questions and loopholes that perhaps your team has yet to answer. This article’s main intention was to create a realization of how complacent and unprepared your team really is. To be the best, you are expected nothing short of perfection and we at DuniaLoL believe that it is with a higher standard and motivation that we can further push and make our community stronger and better in time. (Plus we really want to see a Malaysian team go to WORLDS someday!!!)

To be continued

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