OzoraVeki to leave KLH and go to HKE!
From KLH to HKE
TLC/Malaysia | January 18, 2017 | By abang dots

Latest news in the Malaysian E-Sports scene. One of the best players in our region has decided that it’s time to explore the League scene in another country. Veki will be joining the Hong Kong E-Sports (HKE) team and compete in the League of Legends Masters  scene (LMS) starting this season. Veki would be the first Malaysian League of Legends player to be going abroad to further explore the global competitive scene.

Veki Meninggalkan KLH


We are still unsure of the role he will be playing in HKE but once the details are out, we’ll be sure to share it with the DuniaLoL readers. We can only speculate that Veki would be playing a support because his last role in Kuala Lumpur Hunter KLH was a support. I say again, this is just pure speculation because in our eyes, he did a superb job as a Support after he had switched from Mid laner.


This is the comment from KLH Manager Luqman “Crowe” Abdullah.



Crowe Comment Veki



Al-Pendapat AbangDots

It is with a pleasing smile and pure pride that I wish to congratulate OzoraVeki on his transfer to Hong Kong E-Sports. When news had come to my knowledge that he had made the decision to move to HKE, two thoughts had come to mind. Number 1 was that I genuinely felt very proud of OzoraVeki for making it into the international stage and as a Malaysian, you shall represent us all there. Number 2 was that, this was the push that all Malaysians needed to see for themselves. That it is possible to go abroad and expand your horizons by facing new opponents on the global competitive scene. No longer is it a fantasy for us Malaysians because now we have OzoraVeki, who has showed us that it is possible.

“I wish you the best of luck Poon “OzoraVeki” Kok Sing!”



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