5 things to know about Lunar Revel
Gong Xi Fa Cai Summoners! Welcome the Lunar Revel Hextech crafting and Warring Kingdom skins!
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Gong Xi Fa Cai – Happy Chinese New Year 2017! Woohoo good food and Ang Pao! It’s only been a few weeks since Christmas and we’re already preparing our stomachs for more feasts and holidays. Habislah… confirm aku gemuk nanti. But more importantly, League of Legend’s Lunar Revel is here! Just like Snowdown had unique chests and hextech crafting, this festive season will have the Lunar Revel version of hextech crafting. So! Marilah, let talk about the 5 things to know about this Lunar Revel.


1. Lunar Revel envelopes

Among the many things we look forward to during Chinese New Year, the most popular for most of us would be the “Ang Pao” (don’t lie, I know you all will say Gong Xi Fa Cai Ang Pao Lai Lai amongst your friends and cousins :P). This coming Lunar Revel, we will be getting League of Legend’s own version of the Red Envelope, the Lunar Revel Red Envelope! (Very obvious name so we don’t kena confused #smart)

In these envelopes you will receive;

  • 1 random skin shard  + 1 random relic

Relics can be converted into high value items or traded for hextech boxes + keys. Therefore, it would good to collect as many of these relics as possible to make full use of this festive season.

You can get Revel Red Envelopes by buying them;

  • Envelopes costs 90 RP each.
  • You can buy a set of 5 envelopes for 450RP – comes with essence which help you convert your shards into permanents.
  • There’s also the set of 10 envelopes for 900RP which comes with + 1 extra envelope.

*You can only buy a maximum of 25 envelopes a day*

TIP: Buying the set of 10 envelopes would get you 11 envelopes in total which actually saves you 90 RP. This would also amount to 11 relics for more items.


2. Lunar Revel Relics

This Lunar Revel story of the Warring Kingdoms skins talk about the heroic acts of Azir, Garen and Vi fighting off the assassins. As it is presented to us as a historic story, ancient relics also always come in as part of history. There are 3 relics that represent each of the Warring Kingdom skins. Warring Kingdom emperor Azir has gold relics, Garen has his pauldrons and Vi her Jade gauntlets.

These relics are the most valuable currency during this Lunar Revel event. Collecting relics will allow you to craft them into;

  • Skin shards
  • Skin permanents
  • Gemstones
  • You can even craft 3 different relics into Hextech chests + key

TIP: Different Relics hold a different value so it would be better to collect as many as possible before crafting them into rewards (be patient). 1st most valuable are the Golden Relics. 2nd most valuable are the Pauldron Relics. 3rd most valuable are Gauntlet Relics.

Lunar Revel relics


3. Lunar Revel Crafting

As mentioned above, different relics can be combined to craft different items. Although you get skins with the Red Envelopes, the relics that come with them help you craft even more items! If you’re lucky, you could get several matching relics and craft another skin. Nice lah! 1 skin shard get 1 free gift haha.

These are the relic conversions;

  • 3 Pauldron Relics = 1 Epic Skin Shard
  • 4 Gauntlet Relics = 1 Random skin Permanent
  • 5 Gold Relics = 1 Gemstone
  • Any 3 relics = 1 Hextech chest + key

TIP: If you buy the bundle of 10 + 1 Red Envelopes, you should have 11 relics. This would equal to atleast 14 skins (if you convert them all to Hextech chests). That’s a good chance of getting high value skins. If you get 3 Pauldron relics, you could craft it into 1 epic skin shard (worth 490 RP) which covers more than half the cost of buying 11 Red Envelopes (900 RP).

Lunar Revel crafting


4. Lunar Revel Icons & Ward

As with every League of Legends event, it would just not be right to have no Summoner Icons and a new ward. So here are the 5 new Lunar Revel Summoner Icons and ward for this event. All of which can be purchased at the in-game store.

  • Mark of Fortune icon – 1 IP
  • Jade Emperor icon – 100 RP
  • Year of the Rooster icon – 100 RP
  • Jade Warrior icon – 100 RP
  • Jade Demon icon – 100 RP
  • Crest of the Rooster ward – 233 RP

TIP: If you’re looking to buy all of the skins and summoner icons, it makes more sense to buy the “Year of the Rooster set“. If you buy each item individually it would cost a total of 2908 RP. Whereas the set can be bought for 1951 RP. Therefore, you’d save a total of 957 RP (Save about RM 71.01)

    Azir Lunar Revel icon   Chicken Lunar Revel icon   Garen Lunar Revel Icon    Jade Vi Lunar Revel Icon

Lunar Revel 2017 ward


5. 3 new Warring Kingdom skins!

Last but not least are ofcourse the new skins. Warring Kingdom Azir, Garen and Vi. We will be releasing a more detailed article about these 3 skins but here’s a quick preview of the emperor and his 2 warriors.

Warring Kingdoms Azir

Warring Kingdom Azir

Warring Kingdoms Vi

Warring Kingdoms Vi

Warring Kingdoms Garen

Warring Kingdoms Garen

What do you think of the Lunar Revel event? What’s your favorite item you want to get during this event? Comment below and let me know!


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