Reviewing The 3 New Lunar Revel Skins
Lunar Revel Skins reminds me of Dynasty Warriors
Analisis | January 21, 2017 | By abang dots


This will be the DuniaLoL review of all the new Lunar Revel Skins that had just come out and we’ll be highlighting important and relevant changes only.


But before we continue, you guys should probably watch this video in case you missed it!

I’m sure we have a lot of spammers of Azir, Vi and Garen out there who just instalocks their picks just so that they can play the new skin. (Personally I don’t blame them)


Just to add on, I believe that the warring Kingdom skins can be attributed to the classical novel, Romance of the 3 kingdoms but since many of you don’t read as much, if you’ve played DYNASTY WARRIORS before. You should probably know what I mean if you’ve seen the older Warring Kingdom skins before this. Yes its the hack and slash game that we all just love playing, especially during holidays when we get to play it with our cousins ='(
(fond memories)

Warring Kingdom

I don’t know about you guys, but this sure reminds me of those ancient Egyptian statues that had been built but I know, since I claimed that the Warring Kingdom may be inspired by Dynasty Warriors which is technically in China, what relevance is this to Egypt right?


Only thing I can tell you guys is that if you read the lore of Shurima, well personally I myself imagined Shurima like it was the ancient Egyptian Empire… All hot and sandy. (hahah)

(Maybe it’s just me… Hahahah)


OK OK.. lets Begin!

Warring Kingdom Azir

First let us start with the Emperor of Shurima, Azir.


At first glance, you probably might not notice it but the Azir Warring Kingdom looks a lot like Zhuge Liang from Dynasty Warriors. The main reason why i say this is because if you look at the recall, Azir suddenly pull out a fan just like Zhuge Liang. Also, he also plays some kind of board game which is a common past time for strategist back in the old days of China and yes you’re right, Zhuge Liang is the strategist for Liu Bei.

Azir Zhuge Liang

Recall Animation

giphy (3)

Awesome animation and taunt

giphy (4)

Death Animation

giphy (5)

Warring Kingdoms Garen

Secondly, lets go with our very first top laner champion, Garen.


This was pretty tough but after carefully considering Garen, as a full on tanky champion and the weapon that he uses for the Warring Kingdom skin which is a scimitar. We’d say he kinda looks like Xiahou Dun.


Xiahou Dun is the guy that is closest to Cao Cao and is the guy with one eye. Pretty strong guy if you ask me and is just such a good fit with our mighty top laner Garen.

Garen Xiahou Dun

Recall Animation

giphy (6)

E Ability Animation

giphy (7)

Death Animation

giphy (10)




Warring Kingdoms Vi

Last but not least, the ever so important jungler, Vi!
This femme fatale uses a double gauntlet to pound her enemies to the ground and what even more cool is that the double gauntlet has dragon/tiger on them. (Boom baby!)


As for the comparison with Dynasty Warrior. It was pretty elusive at first to find a direct comparison. I went through the entire women warriors of Dynasty Warrior but none of em used a double Gauntlet but then i remembered there was one character who did! Meng Huo the King of the Southern barbarians!


Meng Huo Vi


Recall Animation

giphy (11)

Q Ability Animation

giphy (14)

W Ability Animation]

giphy (13)

Ulti Animation!

giphy (15)

Death Animation

giphy (16)




Well I guess to wrap it all up, its a pretty hard choice to make which skin to get huh. Personally, you should probably get the champion you play the most and that for me would have to be………. Garen. I have attachment issues, Garen was the first champion I played  as and I have continued using him until this very day. Plus the whole spinning with dragons coming out, that scored major points with me =p



But i you need more info and are still uncertain.
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