3 Best Warwick Skins!
Warwick Skins that you should get before the new patch is out!
Analisis | January 26, 2017 | By abang dots

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I bet you’re all super hyped about the upcoming patch 7.2 release which will most certainly include the latest update for Warwick the Blood Hunter. As we all know, the changes are pretty damaging, especially if you’re on the opponent team and specifically if you’re the ADC. His abilities to jump and insta-delete you could even be greater than that of Rengar! Here’s the opening cinematics again just in case you guys missed it.



How freaking cool is that right! It just adds to the flavor or suspense when you’re playing as Warwick or against him. I’m pretty sure by next week, the new patch will be out and players will be going crazy spamming the new reworked champion. This article isn’t here to teach you about how to use Warwick, instead we’ll be talking about a more superficial aspect. Yup.. yup, its the skins alright!



Skins available for Warwick



Warwick Skin choices

Warwick has a total of 9 Skins including his original skin. We at DuniaLoL will only be talking about skins which we perceive as the 3 best skins, which hopefully the readers at home will agree with.



Let’s get it On!


Firefang Warwick (355RP)


Ok, I know what some of you are gonna say…. Hey AbangDots, this is just another Tundra Hunter Warwick but its red and orange! Hmm to a certain extent you’re right but personally I think this skin is far more detailed and perfected as compared to the Tundra Hunter skin. If you look closely, the Firefang Warwick is more refined in detail with better pigmentation and coloration.



Yes it does also look like a hell-hound (hell-wolf) from the very gates of hell itself ( I’m perfectly ok with that cos it looks cool enough for me) and yes the eyes are as if its possessed by a hungry spirit chasing its prey till it drags it back to hell or till the the angels blow the horns of whatcha call it entah, but yeah. (Thoughts: there are just things which guys will just find cool and it’s pretty hard to explain why but it just is.. am I right or am I right?)  To conclude, a hell-wolf (check), fire elemnt (check), bright colors (check). Do I actually have the skin? (Need to check back)


giphy (18)







Hyena Warwick (355RP)


Ok now this one here, really really stands out because of 2 things. On one hand, you have a character who is a wolf but then is combined with a Hyena. On the other hand you see a freakin from what I can see a V8 Turbo Engine on his back and for some reason I wanna say its like a mustang and that a Horse right…( LoL) Ok…Ok… So a Hyena Wolf which has an engine on its back and is it just me or does this have the whole Mad Max theme to it.



Furthermore, you can also see that the Hyena Warwick has something which no other Warwick skin has. Yes it has its own custom laugh (yes its like a Hyena, and yes also, a Hyena like the one helping Scar in Lion King) It’s pretty impressive that they came out with such an idea (to put an engine on his back, sounds legit when Warwick jumps half the map to ult your ADC)



giphy (19)







Marauder Warwick (270RP)


An armored Wolf. (Full-Stop) Imagine your facing a werewolf, then add to that a werewolf that has armor on him! Isn’t that  a sight to be scared of?
Given the fact that yes it’s true that the other skins have a certain element to it, the Marauder Warwick’s element is more to darkness itself. If you look at the skin, the particle distribution and color are also unique as compared to other skins.


When Warwick uses his E, you can see the screw on his back will also rotate thus adding more detail to the skin itself.

giphy (20)



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