New Warwick, New Guide
The In Your Face Warwick Guide!
Analisis | January 28, 2017 | By abang dots



The new patch Patch 7.1 sure is exciting right guys. A lot of things have changed and there’s plenty to discuss about. CLICK HERE to watch DuniaLoL’s first interview with local teams in Malaysia and allow them to give their take on the new patch.


Getting back to business, every single time there’s a new rework, you’re sure to find different guides for how to possibly play the particular champion. Some of these guides might not suit your particular playstyle because at first, you want to explore the champion yourself and in your mind, you think you can figure out the best way, the new way to play Warwick when others might still be struggling. 


Have no fear brothers and sisters, if you’re like me (when trying Warwick) and your main goal is to get as many kill without giving away too many deaths to the opponent team, this is the guide for you. I call it, the In Your Face Warwick Guide! This should give you a few giggles and laughs once you go Super Saiyan on Warwick. (Yes I did say Super Saiyan!)



In Your Face Warwick Guide!




Warwick New Masteries


Warwick Runes reworked

Explanation and Reasoning

1) You want damage!
    – Not insta-delete level damage but just enough to be scary.
    – Will be very useful once lifesteal kicks in.


2) You want to be able to chase and hunt your opponents down
    – See food, chase food, eat food. (So you gotta be fast).
    – Repeat process all game.


3) You want to be able to sustain yourself in team fights
    – The new 40% damage reduction will be very important (new ability).
    – You will need it since everyone will try to burst you down first.



Warwick Itemization

Explanation and Reasoning

1) Boots of Swiftness 
– You need the movement speed.
– You also need the slow reduction when you’re chasing.


2) Enchantment: Warrior
– Most important item early game to sustain in the jungle.
– Good Damage with Cooldown Reduction.


3) Ravenous Hydra
– Essential for Cleaving Effect.
– Good melee damage item.
– Good for minion clear and teamfights.


4) Dead Man’s Plate
– Increase in HP for sustain during teamfights.
– Increase Armor for sustain in teamfights.
– Good Unique passive effect Dreadnought & Crushing Blow


5) Frozen Mallet
– Slows down opponents who are trying to run.
– Increase in HP for sustain during teamfights.


6) Spirit Visage
– Essential to go up against Mage champions for magic resist.
– Increase in HP for sustain during teamfights.


Warwick Final Skill Build


Mentality/Mindset/Strategy when playing Warwick.


1) Pick your targets properly!
-Always aim low mobility champions.
-Aim champions with no flash.
-Always aim the backline


2) Be ready to go hunting at any time!
-When the blood trail activates, leave everything and go hunting.
-Even if you’re jungling, straight away head for the blood trail source before they recall.
-If its “WORTH”, Ult into the enemy base to secure your kill.


3) What to avoid!
-Avoid high damage spell casters early game.
-Don’t ever aim any tanks when the teamfight starts.
-Don’t get cocky =p

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