The BloodMoon Rises
What exactly is the BloodMoon concept? Where did RITO get this from?
Analisis | January 30, 2017 | By abang dots

Would everyone be surprised if I said the BloodMoon concept is taken from Japanese Mythology? Of course some of you aren’t that surprised because off the masks on each of the champions right? Well lemme educate you guys a lil bit about Japanese Mythology.

The Mythology of Japan has a long history dating back more than 2,000 years ago. It became part of 2 major religious traditions. Shinto, an indigenous religion and Buddhism, which developed in India and came to Japan from its neighboring countries Korea and China. Japanese Mythology includes a vast number of gods, goddesses and spirits. Most of the stories are related to how the world was created, the foundation of the islands of Japan, the activities of deities, humans, animals,spirits and magical creatures. Some myths describe characters and events associated with particular places in Japan. Others are set in legendary locations, such as the heavens or the underworld. To cut it sort, its basically the Asian version of the Greek Mythology. (Cool Right!)


It’s along read I know and many of you don’t like reading so i’ll keep it short and simple by comparing the BloodMoon skins and a mythological creature/character inspired from Japanese culture/mythology




This here my friend is, Jorōgumo, she is a Yōkai, a creaturein Japanese folklore. In Japanese folklore, this being here is a spider which hunts down human beings by enticing them in the form of a beautiful women. Yes that’s right, this spider-like creature turns into a beautiful women and then basically kills you.

The legend comes during the Edo Period where legend says that a beautiful women would entice men into a quiet room/house and start playing biwa (japanese guitar), while the men are too busy listening to the music, distracted by the melody, she would slowly bind them in her spider silk thread and devour them whole.

If you’re smart, u’d figure out the connection with League of Legends through Elise. Elise’s BloodMoon skin is inspired by Jorōgumo.








Death Spirit, Death God (Shinigami)

According to the definition of a shinigami based on Japanese Historica interpretations, a shinigami is a being/creature/god which invites human beings towards death. A shinigami can only be seen to the naked eye once a human reaches the ending moments of his life.  There are certain interpretations which suggest that the Shinigami does not take the life of the human but it guides the human to accept death and start it’s afterlife journey once dying.

When imagining the concept of the shinigami, one should try to devoid his/her thoughts from anime’s such as Bleach where shinigamis are beloved and conceptualized as heroes. A shinigami is a very dark and scary figure which truly invites death and was considered to be one of the scariest Japanese mythological creature.

The champion which BloodMoon skin was inspired by the shinigami is in fact Thresh. In the lantern which he carries with him, he would take the souls of the newly deceased and keep them with him till eternity.







Musashi Miyamoto

This character is undoubtedly the most famous Samurai figure in the whole of Japanese History. Yes, this person truly did exist and played a big role in Japanese History. He also made a personal journal which later on in his life was then made into a book which until this day, is being read by millions of people across the world. The book is called, the BOOK of 5 Rings and the the book analyzes the process of struggle and mastery over conflict that underlies every level of human interaction.

Musashi Miyamoto at a young aged lived as a wonderrer, travelling from one part of Japan to another. There he would slowly learn and improve his swordsmanship art  Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū. As he traveled throughout Japan, he would duel other swordsman and there, he built a reputation for himself as the greatest Samurai and Duelist in Japan. Musashi Miyamoto had defeated up 60 swordsmen duels throughout the whole of Japan and none could ever beat him.

The BloodMoon skin which was inspired by Musashi Miyamoto was the BloodMoon Yasuo. Though there are no dark depictions of death, sacrafice, darkness in this, the fact that Musashi Miyamoto is the greatest swordsmen in Japan slaying thousands of people, it’s still a good point to use that to make the BloodMoon Yasuo!




Since there are 4 coming new BloodMoon Skins coming out. Do any of you guys know where they might be inspired from? We have Jhin, Diana, Talon and also Twisted Fate. This will be probably be the best 4 skin for the BloodMoon collection! To all those that find a fairly considerable and relatable story behind any of the 4 upcoming BloodMoon, do share with us and let us know what you think =p


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