HeartSeeker Skins, a celebration of LOVE or HEARTBREAK?
What do you guys think? Love or Heartbreak?
Analisis | January 31, 2017 | By abang dots

Everyone is familiar with the HeartSeeker Skins released by Riot. Many may perceive that these skins are indeed a celebration of love due to the fact that they were released during the period of Valentines Day. This article is dedicated to give you 5 fun facts about the HeartSeeker Skins in anticipation of the 2 new champions which will be receiving their own HeartSeeker Skins and hopefully by the end of this article, your assumption of the HeartSeeker Skin might be questioned if it be a skin for people in love or perhaps it may have a darker side to it =(


1) HeartSeeker Varus


This is just playing right into the stereotype, I say this in a way that it’s very obvious the inspiration for the skin is from Greek Mytholoy, the Cupid. Cupid is a deity whereby they are imbued with the power for attraction. Many misconceptions have been made whereby Cupid’s arrows will bring love between two individuals. However there is also a darker side to Cupid. Before the Cupid was made into the public icon of love by modern day humans, Cupid was actually just another deity in Greek Mythology. However, what Cupid’s arrows brought wasn’t really love between 2 individuals, what it brought was actually pure desire/erotic love. (I bet you guys didn’t know that huh). The transformation can be a little bit confusing whereby both Greek and Roman mythology had their own idea of Cupid but it was when Cupid became commercialized that we all truly had the idea that it was for love (awwwwww).

When you look at Varus, in his lore, he is known as an individual who had given up his humanity in order to gain revenge from the Noxus army which defeated him and his men. Meaning, he is a being of pure REVENGE, just like Kalista. His abilities release blight on enemy champions and the whole aura around the champion itself is filled with darkness and negativity. Thus, it’s pretty interesting that RIOT decided to make a happy version of Varus. Perhaps they want to put a nice spin on the champion huh…. HeartSeeker Varus, a celebration of love or heartbreak.


2) HeartSeeker Vayne


Vayne is a champion which drew inspiration from the fictional character Van Helsing and as we all know, Van Helsing’s story has a pretty dark and winding story to it. Vayne’s lore could also be said as something which is dark similar to that of Van Helsing. Summary of Vayne’s lore is that she is the daughter of a well to do family. However, she experienced a tragic shock as her entire family was taken away from her by dark forces. Thus creating a series of events which forced Vayne to train and become somewhat of a Darkness Hunter like the series Supernatural, Sam & Dean Winchester (not like but exactly like them). So basically she fights the forces of evil because she lost her family to them.

Truth be told, I don’t really understand why a champion like Vayne who’s lore is full of sadness and darkness was given a HeartSeeker Skin. Yes of course the skin looks great, but the general theme itself doesn’t really stick with her lore. Another point i’d like to mention is that the offiicial Splash Art looks great especially with Dr Mundo in the background.What’s even more sad is that he was shot from behind with flowers still in hand.  (Background music, Bon Jovi, You Give Love, A Bad Name). HeartSeeker Vayne, a celebration of love or heartbreak?

3)  HeartSeeker Ashe

Heartseeker Ashe

Now this truly is a HeartSeeker Skin worthy of its title. HeartSeeker Ashe is by far my favorite HeartSeeker skin due to the fact that all the elements connect. Firstly the model is beautiful. Secondly, the skin depiction and lore of the champions are in sync. Lastly the Official Splash Art makes sense.  Ashe’s lore is that she is the ruler of a dominant tribe in the North. At that time, the north was divided into 3 warring tribe, to simplify first it was Ashe’s tribe, Tryndamere’s Barbarian Tribe and then Sejuani’s Tribe. Ashe and Tryndamere united under the banner of marriage and later on Sejuani also. How this lore and skin connects is that you can clearly see that Ashe’s love partner is Tryndamere which is according to the lore, her husband.

So I don’t know about everyone here, but this is what makes a skin great to me and I hope the 2 new skins coming out HeartSeeker Quinn and HeartSeeker Lucian both have a story similar to Ashe. As for now, my opinion is that the HeartSeeker Skins is more of a celebration of heartbreak than it is love. Tell me what you think =)


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