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Hey everyone, I’ve got some good news for everyone. The Legends Circuit (TLC) is back and it’s going to start on the 9th of February which is on a Thursday. For those that are unsure what on earth TLC is, well to summarize it, it’s basically Malaysia’s Premier League for League of Legends.


The best 16 teams will gather and do battle to determine who will be the true champion of Malaysia, thus determining who will represent Malaysia in the upcoming international competition and a path to Worlds 2017! Viewers can watch it online at !


Bare in mind, at the bottom segment of this article, we will have a link for viewers to have a look and see at each player of the TLC according to their team. You can view their League of Legends profile to see their stats and match history. (Learn from the best boys and girls). Do let us know which team you want us at DuniaLoL to interview and share. Lets grow the local eSports scene!



TLC Grouping

Summary of Group A
To be honest, Group A is considered the group of death. This is because there some very capable teams i the group itself.  Team Swestic recently got 2nd place in an international tournament in Thailand called The League of Champions, thus many are saying that they are in very good form. 818 and Fire Dragoon are also very strong teams with very much capable players in their rank. New comer Armageddon Gaming might pull a surprise victory if the others in the group lose focus because not much is known about them. It’s very difficult to pick who will win and I believe that this group is a must watch for viewers.


Group of Death

Summary of Group B
The situation in Group B however can be considered very differently. Fan favorites Orange E-Sports are considered to be the main winner of this group. 2nd place would be a free for all as all 3 teams, Vendtta, Happy Tree Friends and Dank Memes could stand a chance to snatch 2nd place. Hopefully Orange E-Sports doesn’t disappoint their fans and repeat their bad performance such as their Selangor Cyber Games experience which resulted in them loosing even though they were the fan favorites.




Summary of Group C
It looks like the returning champions Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) have been dealt an easy path this year. They will be facing 3 new teams, Monochrome Souls, Boborica and Twice in their group stages. Can these 3 teams defeat the raining champions, many would say no but do consider this point, will the Tigers be able to perform as well as they did last year without team captain OzoraVeki who’s already moved to Hong Kong E-Sports? Perhaps the Veki factor could be something teams take advantage of…..




Summary of Group D
Ahhhh…. Group D. Personally this is the group which stands out the most for us at DuniaLoL. This is because both of our favorite new teams are in this group. The Pride of Johor Darul Takzim Mineski-X and the Titan of Terengganu Team Despo. Personal feelings aside, the group is pretty much balanced in a way that all 4 teams are considered new teams which lack professional experience.  The only clear difference is that Mineski-X were the Selangor Cyber Games Champion and Team Despo the East Coast Champions. Let us see who will dominate Group D, the title holders or perhaps the upstarts. Can JnJ E-Sports and Reformed make a mark on the local scene?


Tactic map


Summary of Grouping Stage
We at DuniaLoL would like to wish good fortunes in wars to come (<–Game of Thrones reference, Tower of Love), to all the teams that will be participating in TLC. Hopefully we will see a stronger and more competitive eSports scene in Malaysia.

To the underdog teams…. everyone starts off as an underdog, this is the time where you show all the effort put into training, those countless hours of bootcamp, individual financial sacrifices made to improve your skill and abilities and lastly this is where you have to opportunity to show those that didn’t believe in you…. this is the time!


TLC Prizes

Would you like to know more about the teams?


Kuala Lumpur Hunter (LINK)


Swestic (LINK)


Orange E-Sports (LINK)


Fire Dragoon (TBA)


Armaggeddon Gaming (TBA)


Vendetta (TBA)


Happy Tree Friends (TBA)


Dank Memes (TBA)


Monochrome Souls (TBA)


Boborica (TBA)


Twice (TBA)


JnJ E-Sports (TBA)


Reformed (TBA)


Mineski-X (TBA)


Despo (TBA)


Match Schedule

Match Schedule

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