TLC: FireDragoon vs Armaggedon Gaming
TLC Game 1: Match Video and Analysis
TLC/Malaysia | February 10, 2017 | By abang dots

  Skip to Minute 3:30 to start the match!

Welcome to the first Match of The Legends Circuit. As the title stated, it’s between FireDragoon(FD) and Armeggedon Gaming (AG). Who will be the victor and set the tone for for how TLC will start. 

The article will be divided into Pick and Ban Analysis followed with Match Result. Lets start with the pick bans…. check out the picture below guys.


FireDragon vs Armeggon Gaming Pick Ban 1st Game


Pick Ban Analysis


1) The first thing we notice is the Camille pick. It’s shocking that even with the amount of nerfs being done on Camille for patch 7.3, FireDragoon still had chosen Camille, the Steel Tempest.


2) Another shocker that materialized is that team FireDragoon picked Fiora as their last pick. This must of caused some form of uproar or confusion on their opponents. Which champion would be taking mid, Camille or Fiora because normally, both champion would usually be positioned at Top Lane.


3) It’s actually very rare to see a Yasuo ban in competitive gaming but FireDragoons actually banned the cancerous Yasuo for their second ban. Another ban which shocked some of us watching was that of the Shaco ban. Some of us, actually thought Rengar or Camille would of been a better ban.


4) If based purely on champion composition: Here is our analysis:

Top Lane: Fiora would highly likely own Maokai once she reaches level 6. (Win:FD)

Mid Lane: Ryze would definately be able to own Camille due to early ranged pressure from auto attacks and spells. (Win: AG)

Jungle: Graves would have an earlier power spike compared to Hecarim  (Win: FD)

Bot Lane: Bot lane is considered even and would depend on Jungler assistance (Win: Tie)



Match Result

These are the factors as to why FireDragoon had won the Match.

1) In a tremendous upset, Ryze (Kyles) was defeated at mid to Camille (Wynter). This was due to the assistance of FD jungler Graves (Wicked) who assisted in 2 early kills on the mid laner.


2) With the champions chosen, FireDragoon’s damage output is extremely high especially at lvl6. They are able to give early pressure on all lanes due to the strong poke and damage output.


3) FD’s top laner Fiora (Exile) had decimated AG’s Maokai(iSteveJobs). Maokai didn’t stand a chance due to every single time he would over extend, Fiora would punish the Maokai who was far from tower.


4) FD’s jungler Graves (Wicked) spike had come much sooner compared to AG’s Hecarim(YSoSerious) whom is more item dependent. Thus FD’s jungler had a much higher impact early game thus the team snow balled.

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