TLC.MY: Who’s the best?
TLC is upon us.... Who do you think are the favorites to win?
TLC/Malaysia | February 10, 2017 | By abang dots

This article will discuss about who we at DuniaLoL believe will be the dominant force at The Legends Circuit Malaysia (TLC.MY). We shall name 3 teams which viewers should pay attention to during the entirety of TLC.MY. Hopefully with sound reasoning and facts, our educated guess will probably hit the mark.
Lets Begin!


Swestic Team Logo

1) Strong performance in previous tournaments leading up to TLC.MY. They had gotten second place at an international tournament in Thailand called the League of Champions. Their ability to perform overseas against tough and competitive teams would surely have taught them many lessons of war. With the knowledge gained, perhaps they have improved together as a team,  perhaps maybe even stronger than any local teams we have at this moment of time……


Swestic Kirino

2) Kirino’s strong performance at Mid Lane. No matter what champion he uses at mid, if it be Zac, Azir or Ahri, the young mid laner has shown tremendous talent controlling and dictating the mid lane against other opponents. His hyper aggressive playstyle has become something opponents are unable to grasp especially with the rotation of Swestic’s jungler to further add pressure. Once Kirino starts to snowball, it becomes even harder for opponents to claw their way back into the game. Can any team stop the snowball effect of Kirino during TLC?


3) Swestic’s playstyle when qualifying  for TLC showed a very strong and calculated strategy behind every move that they make. Quick rotations, decisive teamfight victories and a highly objective oriented mindset enabled them to dominate their opponents thus far. Even during the opening games of TLC qualifications, Swestic would end the game at an average time of 20-23 minutes, considerably faster than any other team in the tournament.


KLH Logo


1) Kuala Lumpur Hunters are currently the reigning champions of Malaysia. Though many of their original members are no longer in the team (OzoraVeki), it would be unwise for other teams  to believe that KLH’s time has passed. KLH is the only team in Malaysia with a strong infrastructure backing them up. They have a coach, manager and even a few analysts supporting the team. With this backing alone, they should hold a competitive advantage over other teams in Malaysia.


KLH Qaspiel


2) Qaspiel Korean Challenger achievement. What more can I say… A Malaysian player reaching challenger in the most competitive eSports scene in the world. It’s pretty clear Qaspiel is on another level compared to those in local scene. The question is, can he carry the newly staffed team of KLH to once again become TLC Champions? Can the jungler of KLH make a big enough impact in each of the games?


3) Kuala Lumpur Hunters have taken in new players into their roasters. These players were hand picked from hundreds of players in Malaysia. With the new recruit’s talent and ability to perform competitively as a team still a big mystery in the eyes of Malaysians, can they perform to the same standards of the old KLH or would they exceed the performance of their predecessors? Hopefully KLH’s new roaster are able to make an impact during TLC!



1) Mineski-X can still be considered a newly formed team as compared to KLH. However, they have shown great potential since their arrival onto the local scene. The first tournament they had won was the Selangor Cyber Games and at that time, beating the favorite to win Orange E-Sports. Can the Johor team leave a mark on TLC, will they be able to perform like how they did in Selangor Cyber Games? Some rank them as top contenders to win and we at DuniaLoL highly agree with that statement.




2) The strength of youth. The members of Mineski-X are all still very young (high school age) and as young players, perhaps since their SCG debut, the team may have improved dramatically especially with the guidance of Mineski-Cola (Coach) who has been guiding each of the team members to achieve a certain playing standard. Their playstyle is extremly calculated with baiting, split pushing and an impressive objective oriented strategy coupled with decisive shot calls to win the game, perhaps the new comers could pull of an upset and beat favorites KLH and Swestic.


3) We at DuniaLoL once observed the Mineski-X team practice and saw how flexible and disciplined their playstyle really is. With great communication as an important tool in their arsenal, they rarely make unnecessary mistakes such as giving extra kills to the opponent. They would sacrifice one of their own just to make sure the enemy is unable to achieve further objective. This means that, if one person gets caught, they’d leave it like that and not try to make big place which might result in the whole team being wiped off. Each of their plays are carefully planned and executed


Tactic map


Tell us what you think about this article, do you agree with us or not. Perhaps their is another team which we had left out….. Despo… Orange… JnJ?
Share with us why you think another team would win TLC pull an upset.


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