10 Challenges in Ranked
The Challenges we all face in Ranked Matches.... The pain!
Panas | February 11, 2017 | By abang dots

Everyone who plays Ranked Matches regularly would understand how painful….. stressful…. and most importantly how angry you can get when you play ranked matches. Throughout every single rank, if it be Platinum, Gold, Silver or Diamond, you still encounter people who are just… blurgh!


So here’s a shoutout and appreciation article to all the times you’ve lost a game because people who are randomly chosen to be your teammates in League Of Legends Ranked Games, we know your pain!



1) The Creep/Minion Stealer

This goes out to all the ADC’s who keeps meeting supports like these. For no valid reason, these guys just wanna take your last hits even though they are playing the position of a support. Of course its a painful sight, you’re doing your best to do multiple things at once and this one support is just taking the most vital and essential function of you as an ADC, which is to farm. As an ADC you’re already doing these functions:

1) Last Hits (farm)
2) Poke the enemy
3) Be careful of enemy poke
4) Be careful of enemy jungler ganks
5) Taking care of you positioning
6) Push the tower

You’ve got all these things to worry about and then the guy that’s suppose to help you is just pissing you off. What really triggers your emotional outburst is when you get ganked by the enemy, your support just watches you die…. (burn)



carry this

2) The ADC Wannabe.

Ahh…. dont worry guys, I’m not just picking on supports. The second point is when you meet an ADC Wannabe. Most of you who play support would understand this point the most. You’re doing your job as a support, warding, harass, poke, tank, heal… you name it, what ever is necessary so that you ADC is safe from harm. Then when you know your doing a goodjob because the enemy looks like he isn’t getting any CS because you’ve been poking the enemy Vayne right up to his tower. Then you press TAB and you see that the enemy Vayne has more CS than your own ADC.


Maybe you haven’t tilted yet…. (goodjob)… you try to move on from this by giving him the benefit of the doubt, and say to yoursefl.. “Nevermind, everyone makes mistakes”… that is until a teamfight starts. Imagine ur ADC is a Jhin, he uses his Ult Curtain Call…. Shoots all 4 shots….. Misses all 4 shots…. and to top it all of…. you die in the process.




3) The Toxic Mouth

The most common of all, is the toxic mouth A.K.A the name caller.  Favorite words to say, “Noob and Feeder”. Whats funnier is that this guy doesn’t just makes fun of you team, but also the opponents team as well. He’ll start fights with everyone just to make himself feel better. I don’t get it really, of course its fun when you play a custom games and you make fun of the opponent… cos you’re all friends but doing this to a stranger on ranked….. what is he trying to achieve!



smack talk

4) The Smack Talker

Yeaaa everyone loves this guy. It’s the guy that’s on your team and when he gets pawned, he just becomes toxic! Toxic meaning, he will complain about there being no wards, why is there no followup when goes in, why did everyone not aim the champion he was aiming and but its basically trying to blame other people as to why he died.

What really awesome is that he just ruins the mood and cooperation of the entire team with his non-stop smack talking. Don’t get me wrong, the smack talker is very different than the toxic mouth because the smack talker doesn’t insult you, he just thinks that you’re playing it wrong because you didn’t use his method or playstyle.



lee sin

5) The Aggrolord

There’s a special kind of place for these people, this is for those kinda people that just wants to go and attack the enemy soo badly that they neglect what will happen to them after. Special shoutout to all them junglers who play Lee Sin and love jumping to the enemy backline and kicking their ADC away. That doesn’t sound wrong at all right? NOPE, it is when he’s the only one there while the other 4 of you are very very……. not there.

This also goes to all the people that goes in against 3 people alone hoping they would get a triple kill. Mad skills right…. Wrong, u just gave them another free kill…. again….. and again….. and again… until you score is 3-13-1. (Game over)




6) The Satan! (Teemo)

There’s a reason why everyone hates this guy. It’s because he destroys you last hope of winning with nothing more than a small mushroom that explodes in your face… slowly lowering your health and movement speed….. and you die. By right, this champion shouldn’t be such an annoying champion to face against but because of his dart and mushroom bombs… he will decimate you if you’re not careful.

Sounds interesting right, well…. being the unlucky guy we all are…. if your own team chooses Teemo, by some celestial fate destiny or just dumb luck, you get a Teemo player who just sucks soo bad until he feeds everyone on the opponent. Teemo is just a champion you hate to have on the opponent and your own team.


Mid OR Feed

7) Lane Stealers (Mid or Feed)

You make it a point choose the role you wanna play before you press Queue Up and once the loading finished you get your favorite lane Mid! For a moment you’re pretty psyched that you got the role but then suddenly a “Wild Yasuo Appeared and say, MID OR FEED“…  He then instalocks and casually goes mid while you are forced to play another role. Ohhh…if I could recall the amount of time this had happened to me (cries silently).

Like I said before, by some luck, fate, destiny or coincidence… the guy that steals your lane feeds the enemy Katarina, snowballs outta control and……………….. we all know how this ends.




This one…. there’s just too much to say about this. Lagging has always been a constant either reason or excuse as to why a person isn’t performing well. When you’re playing your best and then suddenly shit just hits the fan all of a sudden and you find that everyone on your team died trying to save someone, you then ask.. “How did you die?”… the person would then respond “Lag”. But the thing is you’ve played with this guy a few times and every single time he dies… he says “Lag”.


There’s 2 ways for you to respond:

1) You accept the fact that he is lagging a moves forward to find another path to victory cos yeah, sometimes it lags and you can’t blame a person because of that, Malaysian Internet Speed is pretty… lets just say seasonal, sometimes good, sometimes bad so you cant really blame a person right.


2) Call them out and lashing out your frustration. Yeah that’s right, this is an option, of course it is.. but at the end of the day you’ll lose because the guy will just get angry and feed. So you choose whether or not you want to respond this way.


Feed LB

9) Feeders

Yup.. feeders. The people who just feeds the opponent team 5 kills in less than 10 minutes. During these circumstances, all you do is…. Carry the entire team. It doesn’t matter what rank you play, there will always.. always be feeders but… truth be told, sometimes we all know that sometimes these things just happen because everyone has a bad game once in a while. It still sucks cos you’re on the loosing side right….  =(



10) Them throws!

Everything is going great, the scores are in you favor, you’ve got items, good team composition and your team have even been taking objectives… what could go wrong right.


The situation is:

“Your entire team group up and go into the enemy jungle, suddenly a Diana leaps in and pull everyone together. Sensing danger you try to flash out as soon as possible but before you could, you see a small barrel being laid into the middle of your entire team’s position and boom… Gangplank blows everyone up…… Pentakill.”


You want to get angry, why didn’t the support ward the brush over there or why was everyone bunched up together etc etc… but at that moment.. you realize.. Shit just happens and the opponent outplayed you.

Gangplank pentakill



Playing a ranked match can be very very stressful, especially when your doing your promotion matches into the next tier but you lose to reasons which are out of your control. It sucks, its painful and its annoying that this happens to you. I can’t give you words of encouragement or motivation because everyone is or has their own way of dealing with it. All you have to do is move forward and try harder next time.

“Life aint fair… what makes you think League of Legends would be too… Deal with it”

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