TLC: Armageddon Gaming vs Swestic
TLC Game 2: Match Video and Analysis
TLC/Malaysia | February 14, 2017 | By Aiman Sabri

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Welcome to the second match of The Legends Circuit between Armageddon Gaming and Swestic. After their defeat against FireDragoon, can Armageddon Gaming lift themselves up against the tournament favorite team to win? Lets start with the pick bans….. check the picture below.

Armageddon Gaming vs Swestic TLC 2nd Game


Pick Ban Analysis

1) Armageddon Gaming’s ban as you could see is fully based on their past defeat to Fire Dragoon (previous match). They had banned Graves, Camille and Fiora due to the heavy loss they had faced before. The ban on Jayce is considered ‘responsible’ due to the fact that Jayce is considered a very strong top laner in Patch7.3 due to the buff on lethality.


2) Swestic’s bans are heavily in favor of ADC bans. This is due to the fact that after picking Varus first, perhaps the direction was to limit the number of available ADC options that AG would be left with. After Varus, the next best ADC would be Jhin. Again, this is due to the lethality buff in Patch7.3 which works wonders on Varus and Jhin as ADC’s.


3) What surprised us at DuniaLoL was that Swestic did not pick up Rengar as their jungler and instead opted for Kha’Zix. AG’s pick for their jungler was VI and they made it their first pick, some would say that perhaps prioritizing VI as their first pick is not something which can be considered wise.


4) If based purely on champion composition: Here is our analysis:


Top Lane: Olaf would eventually be able to beat Nautilus due to the fact that his Ult, would be able to resist all crowd control. (Win: Olaf)


Mid Lane: Fairly even mid lane game with both champions being able to clear their respective wave without be in relative danger. (Win: Tie)


Jungle: Kha’Zix impact on the game would come at an earlier stage as compared to Vi who would only be able to give impact when she has her Ult.(Win: Kha’Zix)


Bot Lane: Fairly even game but Ziggs would relative have the upper hand during the early game due to his ability to spam. (Win: Ziggs)






Match Result


These are the factors as to why Swestic had won the Match.


1) Swestec’s Olaf (Rexion) dominated top lane early against Nautilus (iSteveJobs) and even got a double kill when Vi (YSoSerious) rotated to gank the top lane.


2) AG’s Ziggs (Fishbones) did not achieve his early lane snowball domination and never truly pressured Swestic as much as they had anticipated. Ziggs did not even take a single tower due to Swestic being able to neutralize him early with rotations and split pushing at its best.


3) In my opinion, Swestic truly dominated AG… Outplaying and outclassing their opponents at every turn.


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