FireDragoon beats Swestic and takes Top Position!
Upset in Group A!
TLC/Malaysia | February 17, 2017 | By abang dots

It looks like the result for Group A has been determined. The placements were decided through a tie breaker between team Swestic and FireDragoon. Indeed before the group stages had ever started, everyone had speculated that team Swestic would become the no1 team for Group A. However, the reality sure is different as team FireDragoon pulled an upset to defeat team Swestic.

FD vs Swestic Tie Braker Pick Bans

By right each team was only suppose to play 6 matches but due to the “no-show” of team 818 and the even wins between Swestic and FireDragoon, the no 1 position had to be determined through a tie braker.

Swestic had beaten FireDragoon during their last match, last week. However team Firedragoon came back on the second week with a thundering roar and defeated Swestic not just once but also during the tie breaker. How could this be? Below are the picks and bans for their tie breaker match.

FD vs Swestic Tie Braker Pick Bans

Pick Ban Analysis

1) Team FireDragoon had banned Quinn which has become a very strong top laner since the lethality buff. They also had a respect ban for Azir since it is one of Kirino’s (mid) best champion.

2) Swestic made the decision to ban Renekton because just like Quinn, Renekton also had an immense increase in fighting potential due to the lethality buff.

3) The real shocking pick was made by team Swestic as they had chosen Katarina to go up against a Cassiopeia mid. This was surely a shocking pick as relatively Katarina doesn’t go up well against a Cassiopeia.


How it all went down!

1) Due to the 2 extremely strong poke champions on FireDragoon Jayce and Varus, FD was able to maitain a high degree of pressure on all lanes. Before the 27th minute, FireDragoons had taken a total of 6 towers from Swestic and they had only lost 2 towers in comparison.

2) ¬†Due to the loss of towers and high pressure from FD, Swestic had to play with a smaller area of influence and FD constantly invaded and contested Swestic’s jungle with ease. This caused Swestic to further fall behind in their farm as compared to FD.

3) After the FD had slained the Baron, they straight away pushed into the base of Swestic using the Top lane and slowly battered Swestic with the insane poke from Jayce and Varus. This resulted in Swestic being unable to defend and slowly lost the match.

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