Why I’m excited for Garena Mobile
What we think about the new Garena Mobile App
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Most of us know about the new Garena PC platform that was launched last year. But not all of us know about the new Garena Mobile app. I was surprised to learn that Garena had an app for us gamers to connect with each other. After some conversations with my contacts in Garena and some investigation, I’ve not only downloaded the app, but am also very excited for it’s potential coming features. Here’s a breakdown of what I found.

Garena Mobile landing page

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How I found out about it?

Truth be told I was just playing League with friends and we were in the loading screen. I was on discord with all my team and as usual we were just talking about the enemy lineup. Then suddenly a friend of mine told me ” dude that Rengar and Darius are Platinum 1“. Being a team of silver, gold and one platinum, we were all shocked, but we also wondered how one of our friends found out this important information.

He later told us the entire opponent ranking and at that moment, we all started playing in a more serious manner by invading the jungle and really focusing on objectives. We barely won that game and were insanely ecstatic about our victory and then asked our friend (DSP.Deceased), how’d he find out about their ranking…. he just said, “Don’t you guys have it? I’m using the Garena App.”

What are the main functions of the Garena Mobile App?

1) Garena Assist (Personalized Game Stats and History)

This is pretty cool, there’s a function in the App which allows users to connect straight to their Garena account. There they can access information regarding your own personal stats, server trends and most importantly (for me) check details on your opponents LIVE. This could literally mean the difference between you winning and losing a game (especially important for ranked match).

Garena App ScreenShotWhen you’re hanging out with friends at a local mamak, you can pop out your phone and discuss the games you played together. You can compare stats between opponents and friends, it’s really handy if you want to improve and have a constructive discussion. To me, this  cross platform function is what makes it a great App.

For example, why on earth would I go such a crazy build like that on a Blitzcrank right? Well, truth be told we had already won the game and I thought I’d go and have some fun with lethality on Blitz. Yes yes… you’re right that it doesn’t really work for damage but the extra movement speed was really fun to play with.

Because people can easily track your record, its best not to do silly things like what I just did but it was just a normal game with friends and the most important thing is that everyone had fun. So give it a try guys and tell me what you think about the build =p

G+ friends


2) Garena Chat (G+ on Mobile)

Sometimes, when you’re hanging out with friends outside of League and decide you wanna go back home to play a few games, you want to contact your in-game friends to arrange a game, problem is that, some of your buddies on League are people you don’t really know in real life. Giving you no way of contacting them before going online when you get home. Uhuuh but now, Garena App allows you to connect using Garena Chat on your mobile, this way you can scout and see who’s online and the best part is, you can tell them “Play one game first, later we rank duo ok bro”. As easy as 1…2…3.

Imagine having the ability to connect with your League friends with a touch of a button, I think it’s pretty cool. What I love is that your Garena Messenger and your other chat app contacts are 2 completely different entities, partly because of the whole persona and privacy part.

On one hand your name is Abu or Lim Ah Keng and on the other, people know you as DeathLord909 or L337Meat. In the end, we all play games to essentially escape reality. In some sense, this separation between real life and gaming life is something I appreciate.

Hopefully one day, they might have G-Talk on this App too, that would be awesome because you can be basically group call everyone and stay connected with your gamer buddies soo easily. *Fingers Crossed*

Garena Mobile news tab

3) A Community News Center

This one is pretty cool too, and not on our current app.. yet. Here, players can have access to all things related to League of Legends. From my understanding (based on the Taiwan region), it’s basically a one stop center where the community can post things up and have a discussion about their favorite game, League of Legends. In some ways, it’s a cross hybrid between Facebook Groups and Reddit but filtered as a one stop go to place for gamers by gamers and its all at the tip of your fingers.

It’s better also because you’re not bombarded with ‘Iklans’ or advertisements. Man those things are annoying and so far, I don’t see any ads on the Garena App and hopefully it stays that way.

We at DuniaLoL are currently in discussions with Garena to ask if our website can get access to this new App, hopefully if things go well, you guys can read our content on the Garena App too but things aren’t yet confirmed, we’ll see how things go.

We’re not really sure when the Community News Center will be available in the Malaysian region but from my discussions with Garena it should be really soon. From what I see on the Taiwan region, it’s pretty impressive especially due to the amount of information that’s being shared. The community there share info regarding new meta builds, champion counters, item builds, new events… whatever you want… it’s all there.

Garena Mobile events tab

4) Event Notification/Option

Another impressive feat is this,based on the Taiwan Region’s Garena App, players can watch professional eSports matches. So you can be watching esports on your mobile while travelling to your destination be it via car or even public transportation such as the bus and train too!

Some whispers suggest that we might even be able to register for local tournaments in the near future, on our mobile! This way, we can verify each player on a team and the registration process for Tournaments in Malaysia would run at a much smoother rate.

Hopefully they have this in the Malaysian region for the App as soon as possible because in my opinion, this will be a big factor of why some people would come back and use this App.

Imagine during Worlds 2017, you’re away from home doing assignments or work and you can watch the event on your phone or register for an event (like the Worlds viewing party at Cinemas) on your phone to quickly grab a spot for yourself. 

Personally, I’d be rooting for SKT-T1 all the way but will always want to know the latest news about Doublelift and Peanut!

Magic Spin5) Magic Spin

This here is pretty cool also. The magic spin button  gives users the opportunity to try their luck and maybe win some freebies. When I say freebies, they take the form of IP, IP/XP boost and even rune pages for now. I know it’s nothing big but still, I wouldn’t mind getting some free stuff right. We Malaysians never say no to freebies =p

You get to spin this wheel only once every 8 hours. This particular function is already available in the Malaysian region and players can just go try it out now. We actually really hope they add more freebies in the future, temporary skins and champions perhaps? Hehe.


We think this App is exactly what gamers need to develop and stay connected with one another and we’re glad it’s finally here. Why don’t you guys try it for yourselves and tell us what you think. If our review is bad, share with us why. Or if you found this helpful, let us know in the comments too.

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