Orange Dominates Group B of TLC
Orange E-Sports, the challengers to the TLC throne!
TLC/Malaysia | February 22, 2017 | By abang dots

Orange TLC Group Stages

Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like the result for Group B was as predicted with Orange E-Sports dominating the group. They came out undefeated in the entire group by winning all 6 of their matches.

Other teams in the group such as Dank Memes, Vendetta and Happy Tree Friends were unable to unseat the top seeded team as they all lost their matches against Orange E-Sports. Many had expected Orange to drop at least one game but with their strong performance in all games, they managed to squash all opposition and threats.

With Dank Memes securing the 2nd position after defeating Vendetta during a tie-breaker, they too have secured a position into the Quarter Finals.
orange vs DM

Team Analysis.
ORG.Ribena their Mid Laner showcased an impressive performance throughout all 6 games by dominating his lane. Orange.Hoki26 also showed class with his pin point teleports in team fights, turning the tide of battle whenever Orange seemed like they were on the backfoot. The unsung hero ORG.Tainted1s did an incredible job protecting his ADC ORG.Atup with good warding and because of that Atup was able to play aggressively and further pressure the opponents. Jungler Org.Xare’s constant presence in all lanes further assisted his team in taking the lead. His ganks would constantly put fear in the enemy as they would be worried about Xare coming in from behind. That was basically the case for each game as the opponents were unable to cope with Orange E-Sports and their playstyle.


Can Orange E-Sports maintain their performance heading into quarter finals? Those are questions which are on the minds of all their supporters. We at DuniaLoL would like to wish them the best of luck on their journey throughout The Legends Circuit!


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