10 Tips for Playing Ranked
Lets climb the ranks!
TLC/Malaysia | February 23, 2017 | By abang dots

Ranked Solo Queue has always been a bane for many players. With the limited amount of playing time that you have, the huge number of “noobs” on your team, the “trollers” and many other contributing factors, climbing up in the ranking system is considered a painful process. (cos we aint no professional players).

Though you’re unable to control the action of others, before we go into that, why don’t we look within first? Let’s improve ourselves first before we fully lose hope of climbing the ranks of League. Here’s some advice from us at DuniaLoL and Crowe (KLH Manager)


Here’s 10 Tips To Help You Improve in Solo Queue!


1) Watch the pros: It’s amazing how many people neglect this. Watching the pros can help you understand the meta, laning phase and rotations. They know what they are doing so it’s best you see how they play to understand the basic fundamentals of the champion.

Tobias Fate

For example: I love playing Gangplank, meta or not I believe his presence early to late game can be felt by all players in the game. The pro player that I studied was Tobias Fate. He taught me that a Top Lane Gangplank should always try to go for spellthief as the first item but of course there are different ways to actually play the champ depending on the situation you face.


2) Download a replay client: Seriously, just download a client, watch your own replays and note your own mistakes thus enabling you to alleviate yourself from these simple mistakes that are constantly overlooked.  Here is the LINK.

Baron Replay

How can this help?

  1. Improve in Map Awareness (Should I of played safe)
  2. Improve in coordination (Should I of pushed or group up)
  3. Improve in Decision Making Skills (To dive or not)
  4. Improve in CS and Poke


3) Know your role: Figure out how to play at least one champion in each role before you properly dive into solo queue. That’s because sometimes, you don’t get the role you indicated/want. You’re in big trouble if you ask for Top and Mid but in the end get thrown into playing the Support role. Yes, you are in trouble because you don’t know how to play a Support properly.


For example: If you’re forced to play support, don’t suddenly go and pick Twisted Fate and to play that role. Yes of course I don’t doubt that you’re able to play that champion as a support but please think on the lines of, is he the best support in this meta? Is he suitable in this team composition? There are better alternatives as a support so why not be a team player and do what is necessary. (Don’t forget to get sightstone early because warding is super important guys)

4) Study Up: It’s just simply amazing that some people just don’t know whats bad against what. Sometimes you see people choosing their champion based purely on their own comfort pick. I don’t blame you for choosing your comfort picks but it’s usually best to pick based on what your opponent picks.All this is applicable given the skill of the player is equal and what differentiates the 2 players are the champions they have selected.

Yasuo Weak Against

For example: A Yasuo top would get destroyed by a Jax. A Twisted Fate mid would get destroyed by a Fizz. These are just examples as how champion selection could determine the fate or your lane and most importantly the game itself.

5) Learn to trade: It may be first nature to run away from damage, but in order to get better at this game, you’re going to have to learn fight. Trading is a basic skill of all high rank players and having a better understanding of when you can and cannot trade will give you an edge over most players.

For example: As a Lucian, when can you trade against a Miss Fortune. The best way for you to trade with an MF is simply by executing your combo of E-Auto-Q-Auto-W-Auto-E-Auto. Yes you might get hit with her Q and E but by executing your combo properly, your damage will be far more than what she can do. Basically trading is like taking a punch to the body and then giving him an uppercut to the face, you might get a slight bruise but the other guy is probably knocked out.

6) Look at the minimap: This is not a joke or a suggestion, it’s more of a why the heck didn’t you notice that guy coming from the back when your support has already warded the place. By constantly keeping an eye on the minimap, you can understand where the enemy is, what they are planning to do and what you can do to make them waste that movement/rotation.


7) Understand Jungle Pathing: Learn how to ascertain where the jungle started and where he’ll end up and at what time you can predict him to pop up on the map. Understand what champions can clear the full map versus which ones need to go home first and when they will be at low health. All of these things will help you swing the match in your favor if you can exploit these weaknesses.


For example: A champion such as Lee Sin would usually start with the red buff and slowly clear all the camps making his way to blue. As a jungler yourself, you must understand that after he takes blue, Lee Sin will then try to gank the nearest lane. What you can do as a jungler is understand that before Lee takes the first blue, he may very well be low in HP.
Conclusion, ambush him at Blue.

8)  Know when to ward: This goes hand in hand with the above point, if you know when your enemy want to roam or when he’ll be on your side of the map you can get vision and bait him into an unfavourable situation or at the very least, waste his time.


For example: By simply warding the tri-bush at the bottom lane, you’re able to identify when a Kha’Zix will try to make a gank. When you see him there, try to bait him out and secure the kill before his team is able to help out. Make sure you’re support is nearby so that he you’re not isolated and he gets extra damage on you. By also wasting his time, you automatically are helping your team by keeping the pressure from other lanes.

9) Communicate: Smart pings and chat are tools for you to convey information to your team quickly. Ping “on the way” when you’re going to play aggressively. Ping “danger” when you think the jungle is sniffing around your mid laner. Ping for people to back away when they are overstaying. Saving that 300 gold could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Communication in League

For example: I personally would just get on discord and then give the link to my team. If they join, you are able to have faster communication and there SHOULD NOT be any miscommunication which is always the default reason as to why one of your team member dies.

10) Stay positive: I know this point seems cheesy and useless, but it’s important that you understand that you can only control one character on the map and you need the other 4 on your team to win the game. If you’ve done everything else on this list, you can likely inform an underperforming player of what they’re doing wrong and fix them or at the very least keep their spirits high instead of willing them to surrender or afk.

Doublelift smiles

For example: Do not burn or put salt on your own team members. Instead of lashing out and being emotional, try to motivate your team and stay the course.By being a negative force on the team with your constant words of negativity, you’ll probably make one of your team members tilt… thus starting a slippery slope of destruction which leads to you losing the game.

Bottom Line

Before we want to try and push blame to others, why don’t we fix ourselves first. By blaming others, it makes us feel good that the fault is theirs and that we are perfectly capable but no, let’s throw that habit that we do and try to improve ourselves first. If you play 100 games and you still cant rank up, you gotta admit it right, it can’t just be the fault of other….(burn)

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