Drama Drama Drama in TLC Group D
A lesson for all!
TLC/Malaysia | February 23, 2017 | By abang dots

Group D Standing


The result of Group D was far from what we at DuniaLoL had expected. With such ease, the champions of the East Coast were defeated in all their games. It looked as if Despo did not live up to their name and prestige. We’ve even heard rumors that the team had disbanded right after their match. Could it be internal conflict or could it be that they feel as if TLC was their limit as a team.

The winner of Group D was indeed MineskiX having won all their games with swift and decisive means. However, they too are embroiled in drama as their behavior in the last match against Despo had elements of unsportsmanship like conduct! Oh dear! The Official statement was that Mski.Arashi using his Lee Sin flashed inside the fountain unnecessarily taunting and insulting their opponent Despo in the finals minutes of the game. The decision is an instant loss in their next game which is in the format of a best of 3.

MineskiX BM

Ahh… it’s a shame that such acts had occurred. Many would disagree with the punishment Garena had dished out on MineskiX but others however take the stance where indeed a professional game such as in TLC should have a certain standard. We at DuniaLoL take no official stand because since day 1, we considered both teams to be the best up and coming new face of League of Legends in Malaysia and it wouldn’t be fair for us to pass judgement.




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