TLC Group Stages End With A Bang!
The State of TLC 2017 Group Stages
TLC/Malaysia | February 24, 2017 | By abang dots

TLC Bang

The TLC Group Stages wrapped up on the 19th of February and after 2 weeks of rigorous battling, the total number of 16 teams have been cut down to 8. All 16 teams were grouped up into 4 groups of 4 (teams) and they all battled it out to determine who would qualify into the Quarter-Finals of TLC. Did your team make the cut?

We’ve covered each group separately on different articles so check em out guys

Group A   Group B   Group C   Group D

Group A

Orange TLC Group Stages

KLH Group Stages

Group D Standing


It looks like fate was kind to the teams which came up on top of their respective groups. To the teams which did not make the cut, better luck next time guys. In every game there are those that win and there are those that….. fail.

What’s more interesting is that there are 3 teams which came out unscathed (tak tercalar) throughout the entire group stage as they did not even suffer a single defeat. Those teams are none other than, Orange E-Sports, Kuala Lumpur Hunters and Mineski-X. Let’s see if there’s a team which will win the entire tournament without dropping a single game to their opponents.

TLC Quarter Finals


I’m sure many of you are excited for the Quarter-Finals just as much as we are.  For some reason, many of us from DuniaLoL have very high expectations for Mineski-X. Maybe it’s because they are a relatively new organization as compared to other more established organizations such as Orange E-Sports and the mighty Kuala Lumpur Hunters.

Fight the power

Don’t forget to catch the Quarter-Finals on live.garena from 2nd to 4th of March. The battle will intensify as teams must win a best of 5 to make it through the next stage. Only time will tell, let’s see who’ll be representing Malaysia for the upcoming worlds (fingers crossed).

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