Why I’m Tired Of Being in Silver 5
What the community says... so much pain.
Analisis | February 28, 2017 | By abang dots

Silver 5

Oh yeah… We’re back at it again ladies and gentlemen.
We’ve received a few hundred complaints about players who are just sick and tired of being in Silver Tier and below.  People are jut angry because sometimes it just feels sickening that with every game you put your heart into, you efforts are lost because of ….. these reasons.


1) Huge number of really noob people! (100+ complaints)

Let me remind you guys, if you want to play ranked, please make sure that you’ve at least played the champion a few times in normal beforehand. Please please please do not play ranked when you’re trying a champion for the first time. There are just certain champions which require you a certain amount of time to practice to just be considered as…. ok ok only.

For Example: Please dude, Katarina is a really high skill capped champion ok. It’s pretty bloody cool when you see a pro Katarina kill an entire team but that takes a really really really really long time to get and master. The amout of times I see Katarina mid for the first time…. is just wow!

Wasting Time

2) Wasting my time (70+ complaints)


Some people do not have the time nor luxury to play League as much as they want to. They might be studying, working or maybe just busy with life, so this means that the time they have for League is very limited. What’s disheartening is that when they are online at night, their daily quota of 2 games are wasted because in both games….. the community/players act and play like troll-ish like and end up loosing the game.

This is actually one of the main reasons why people quit League, because the time that they use for it is wasted with an emotion of frustration and discomfort, thinking that if the community is still acting like this, the game itself will always be like this… then whats the point of playing every single time only to have yourself disappointed.


3) Salty salty people (40+ complaints)

Man… the amount of negativity is just waaaayyy too much in the lower tier. Yes I died a few times at top, I’m already stressing out guys, so I don’t need more and more people calling me noob or useless or boosted. It’s really stressful because we’re all humans ok, we make mistakes too but rather than calling me names and insulting me, why don’t you just be a bit more positive.

Sometimes I just mute everyone just to make sure I have a peaceful game but truth be told, it won’t be as fun. We meet new people and some become friends through League so that’s why many of us don’t like to mute all…. but sometimes the saltiness is just too much =(

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