7 Duo Ranked Tips
Tip for playing Duo Ranked!
Analisis | March 2, 2017 | By abang dots

Duo Ranked


Lets be honest ok, there are 3 reasons why a player would play Duo Ranked Matches in League of Legends. I’m pretty sure everyone that plays league will fall in either of these 3 categories without fail and I’m gonna make an assumption of the percentage of players and their cateory (HaHaHa)


1) You’re trying to go into a serious game with your friend because you think normal mode is too boring and you think Ranked Duo is a bit more challenging. (20%)

2) You and your friend both want to climb through the ranks together and you want to “sama-sama naik” (go up together) and be at a different tier. (40%)

3) You think your not deserving of the tier you’re in right now, you’re better than the people here but you just can climb because of the sucky team that you always get. What you do is, you have a friend who is Platinum or Diamond and he has a smurf account. (Hahahaha sounds familiar kan!) So basically he is trying to boost you through the tiers. (40%)


If you’re in number 3, there is really nothing to be ashamed of my friends but please don’t think that you’re the only one doing it. Personally I’ve gone and played top lane against a Diamond 1 player and got creamed. I’m pretty sure everyone has gone through this experience before but thats ok, atleast we get to experience playing with someone better, than we can improve right?

I want you to carry


Article Objective

The objective of this article is to give tips to all players playing duo ranked and how they can further increase their chances of winning because sometimes, even if you have a Diamond 1 player in your team, you still lose because well….. basically its like this “Burden too heavy to carry“.


1) Don’t go into the same lane.

The way we see it is, you don’t want other lanes to fail and feed. Thus it’s better if you and your friend divide and conquer the game. For example, one goes top lane, the other goes mid. In the end, I’m sure you only trust yourself and your friend so why don’t each of you make sure you’re lanes don’t feed or suffer too much. It’s better to lose 1 lane (if you go mid and top) then for you to lose 2 lanes (if you both go bottom together).



2) Communication

Get on discord or gtalk! By having a clear line of communication, your friend can simply shout out orders or warn you if something is wrong. For example, I play Gangplank top and my friend will usually go mid, when he’s about to be ganked or am ganking, he can simply say “dude ult me”. You’re more likely to help your friend at a faster rate rather than at someone else who is just pinging for no apparent reason (due to lack of communication)



3) Team composition

It’s much easier to plan a team composition with 2 people rather than 1. Low ELO’s are plagued with teams who pick whatever it is they want without thinking of team composition. Sometimes you see that your team composition are all soo squishy and a simple Jayce poke can bring all of you down to half HP. This is when you and your duo ranked partner can simply say, “dude we need a tanky top”. That’s when you friend will go for champions like Darius, Nasus or Garen top.



4) Get someone good to partner up with!

This goes without saying, you care about each game, you want to climb up so you gotta make sure your partner is someone who has the same potential and capabilities like yourself. Solo/duo rank mentality is very one dimensional, you trust only yourself and you believe you need to carry the team, in this case now you have a partner who is able to do so also. So drop the solo/duo ranked mentality and try experiencing a taste of real competitive League (granted its just with another person)


jinx vs vi

5) Dictate the team direction.

One of the biggest problem in solo/duo ranked is when your team is not unified and tend to do what they wish individually. It’s important that you understand that a united team is a stronger team. Use your friendship with your partner to somewhat dictate the game play. When going for objective, one person suggest and the other agree. This is to get the ball rolling in the team direction and mindset. If the mid and top says push  for inhibitor, the rest will follow. 


dont forget

6) Remind each other.

It’s important to recognize that sometimes we as players tend to get carried away with our decisions. By listening to a friend suggest another idea which is contradicting to our own, you are more responsive as compared to listening to another stranger telling you what to do and what not to do. If your friend is too obsessed in pushing bottom lane but the team is going for Baron, remind them that they need to be here. Remind them to play safe and remind them to ward, words from a friend means more than a stranger.


Faker laugh

7) Have fun while playing!

The best tip I can give you is that you try to have fun while playing. Remember, League of Legends is a game and you’re here to have fun. By having fun, your mind is in a more relaxed state of mind thus you’re able to make decisions more clearly. Chill the eff out guys, learn to laugh and enjoy the game with your friend, scream,shout, make fun and just laugh while playing. You’ll see the effects of gaming after you finish your game because what’s gonna happen is that you’ll just be smiling and having a good time.




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