5 Things I Use The Garena App For
Things you can do with the Garena App
Development | March 3, 2017 | By abang dots

5 Things I Use The Garena App For

To many, the Garena App is still considered something of a mystery. We acknowledge it’s existence and we use it only a few if the thought crosses our minds.With other more well known Apps already dominating our daily life, how does the Garena App truly stand?

Well today, i’ll be telling you the 5 main reasons I use the Garena App for and perhaps I can get you gamers to use it more often.

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1)  League Info (Spying)

As we all know, this is possibly the best reason why everyone uses the Garena App. The moment when your game is loading and you straight away open the Garena App, its just simply amazing that you get to see the opponent’s potential, who’s their best player, how are they on the champion and basically who you gotta aim. Every single time I play ranked, I make it a point to check out the opponent on my Garena App, that’s because I want to see who it is I have to worry about and who it is I have to dominate.


2) The Popular Section

The Popular Section in my own opinion is basically just like the Hot segment of 9gag. It’s where all the really interesting and popular stuff about our region is being shared and distributed. So basically any new events, drama, plays and anything related is being shared. As you know, anyone can post things in the Garena App, so whats important is that this section, The Popular Section of the Garena App already filters the useless information and the useful information for you.

So at the end of a long night, you just got on your bed and your rolling around getting ready to sleep, as a normal human being you’d probably look at your instagram and scroll down. However, now that we have the Garena App, you can scroll down on new information regarding the LoL scene. Let’s take an example, imagine you haven’t played for some time but you still want to know what’s going on in your favorite game and at that time your friend says Ziggs ADC is the new thing. You probably wouldn’t of believed him but!! Now that we have this App, you can just check in there and find out yourself if he’s bull*&@^ you.


3) The News Section

This is where you get your daily/weekly dose of official news. Unlike the popular section which is posted by users, the news section is where you get to see official information such as skin release dates, skins sales, competitions and even client innovations (Runeterra Adventure). So if sometimes you’re just tired of hearing what people in general say, the News Section is for you as it’s more direct, formal and dependable.

Truth be told, I think the App is an upgraded version of the Garena website, it’s presentation is neat, it looks bold in design and a more refreshing look a for users (Goodjob Garena). We gamers, we like things which are constantly developing, better technology, better features, better in every sort of way and I think, from a user experience outlook, the Garena Mobile App is a big Win. Don’t believe me… tell me which one you like better.

New vs Old

4) The Garena Messenger (G+)

I don’t know about you guys but i’m sick and tired of using whatsapp and wechat. Sometimes I just wanna experience something new, something fun but most importantly something different. However, truth be told as human beings we also don’t want to try something which is too foreign or unknown (be honest). The Garena Messenger (G+) is an exact freakin fit if you think about it. You know what it is, you’ve used it before on your laptop so why not use it for your mobile.

Like I said before, I like to keep my personal life and my gaming life different. For example in real life your name is Ahmad or Chong or Deva….. but in your gaming life your FDG ScoutJLY, DSP Doped, KLH Qaspiel, Mary Jane or even TheHound. Am I making any sense? Do you guys understand what I’m trying to say here.

Garena Messenger

5) Sharing my own thoughts and opinion.

Most of the time people have these weird ideas at weird times of the day but you just don’t know who and where to share it with right? Some of the people around you might not play League or games in general so they might not understand. The Garena App allows me to just throw my thoughts out there, a place where I can express myself without my words falling on deaf ears because other gamers understand and may think the same way as you.

I once had this idea where I wanted to play an all global team champion composition but I don’t know who to play it with, can it be a working stratey, is this really fun and are there even enough champs for this? Now that I think about it, this is my first time even asking the question again to myself (WTF)…….. I’m sure everyone has gone through this before and feel like ah what a shame, should of followed up on that thought, well Garena Messenger is for you my friend.

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