Kentucky Fried Challenge (Explained)
Explanation to what went down!
Aktiviti | March 7, 2017 | By abang dots

Kentucky Fried Challenge


On the first day of the TLC Quarter-Finals, it was a match between Dank Memes and Fire Dragoons. If you guys were watching the livestream, you would know that team Fire Dragoons were disqualified from their first game due to the fact that they arrived 20 minutes late.

The rules are:

5 minutes late = minus 1 ban
10 minutes late = minus 2 bans
15 minutes late = minus 3 bans
20 minutes late = DQ/Forfeit current game

It was a pretty hectic environment at the Garena Studio as everyone had patiently awaited the arrival of Fire Dragoons. 2 of their players had already arrived and were ready for the match but the others had yet to arrive. Their reasoning was because they were stuck in traffic. However there is more to this than meets the eye.

We soon found out that the remaining Fire Dragoon squad had arrived a total of 20 minutes late but on the dot. With this, the Garena Official, Mr Dickson Lee Chun Peow had to make a decision whether or not to allow the Fire Dragoon team to play their first match. On one hand the rules had stated that if a team is late for 20 minutes they forfeit the match but on the other the team manage to arrive exactly at the 20 minute mark.

This Aint a game

Let me explain something first before we continue, during a TLC match, if by some random fact your team had chosen the wrong masteries and runes, you could request for a remake of the game BUT the game could only be remade if the opponent team agrees. Truly it was a fair rule and it would depend on the sportsmanship spirit of the other team but also, you can’t blame the other team for saying no remake because something such as summoner spells and runes is basic and it shouldn’t be the reason for a game to be remade.

So back to Mr Dickson’s decision, his decision was that, the only way Fire Dragoons could play the game was that their opponent Dank Memes agreed. Dank Memes made a collective decision and said, NO! Suddenly we saw the Team Captain of Fire Dragoon stormed out of frustration. (I’d be pissed of too)

We later found out that another essential reason as to why the Fire Dragoon team was late is in fact due to one of the Dank Memes team member had asked them to buy KFC and the long waiting time was the reason as to why they were late. Buying the KFC itself took a total of 30 minutes said the team Captain. Ouch! (BackStabbed!)


Well…. I guess the Fire Dragoon team learnt a harsh lesson in life. Don’t buy food for your opponent (hahahahahaha). Eventhough Fire Dragoons later thrashed Dank Memes to a (3-0) game, the first day of TLC will always be the day where Malaysian’s were introduced to the KFC Challenge! I’m Sorry Fire Dragoons, you guys lost the first ever KFC Challenge but… u sure as hell got ur revenge.

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