Mineski gutted, Twice Victorious!
UnderDogs are ready to win TLC 20171!
TLC/Malaysia | March 7, 2017 | By abang dots

Match Results Mineski X Twice

On the last day of The Legends Circuit Quarter Final bout, the ending sure as hell surprised everyone! Mineski-X was defeated by Twice in a 3-1 showdown. What was interesting is that many had suspected Mineski-X to of come out victorious. What went wrong?

Twice Mineski First GamePick & Bans for Game 2

Mineski-X had allowed TW.Nekoko to get Darius in the top lane against a Maokai. He dominated top lane with ease but the rest of the team were struggling at first. Truth be told, Mineski-X had controlled the game pretty well until the last minutes of the game where in a single engagement, Mineski-X lost 4 defending the top lane and Twice decided to straight away end the game.  (Game MVP=TW Nekoko)

Twice Mineski second GamePick & Bans for Game 3

In game 3, Mineski-X came back with a roar on the backs of Mski.Bigjazz’s Corki. A complete domination of the mid lane against an Annie allowed him to show his presence in the entire game with a final score of 9-3-8. In this game, Twice’s game plan was not able to be executed as they slowly crumbled against Mineski-X.  TW.Nekoko was playing Singed at the top lane but could not make an impact in the game whatsoever.
(Game MVP=Mski.Bigjazz)

Twice Mineski third GamePick & Bans for Game 4

In the final game of the series, from early on we could see from Twice that it’s time for another player to shine and this time it was TW.Whaoo on his Graves. With the objective oriented mindset that Twice had, they managed to handle Mineski-X in a way that Mineski-X was denied even a single tower. Twice however managed to get a total of 3 infernal drakes which boosted their damage output like crazy.  In the end, Twice was victorious and Mineski-X, sent back home packing…. Ouch (Game MVP=TW.Whaoo)

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