Doublelift joins Team Liquid!!!
Doublelift to bring serious ADC power to Team Liquid
LCS NA/EU | March 8, 2017 | By abang dots

Doublelift joins Team liquid

What a surprise guys and girls! It looks like with the current standing of Team Liquid in NA LCS (last), they have suddenly come out with an announcement saying that Doublelift will be joining them until the end of the Spring Split.  It seems that they have been going through a lot of difficulties in the league as they have lost a total of 9 games out of 12.

Can the legendary Doublelift change the tides of battle for Team Liquid as they regroup and bunker down for their remaining matches. Can Doublelift make an impact in Team Liquid? Tell us what you think and oh my… it looks like Team Liquid is gearing up to win their remaining matches. This should be interesting!

Team Liquid Standing(NA LCS Standings 2017)

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