Why I love MF Support
Bang... Bang... Bang
Analisis | March 8, 2017 | By Aiman Sabri

miss-fortune-support(Rox Tigers Surprise MF Support Pick at Worlds 2016)

Ever since Miss Fortune was played by Rox.GorillA in Worlds 2016, we can see that many people love playing this bounty hunter as a support. Though many had expected Miss Fortune support to fall of the meta but still, you can see in our region she still makes an appearance every once in a while.

It’s interesting that even many professional teams in the Quarter-Finals of TLC were using Miss Fortune as support, teams such as Mineski-XSwestic and even the Kuala Lumpur Hunters.

MF used in TLC

I don’t know about you guys, but if the local professional teams are using em, I’d say it’s pretty legit, though some would say they would only pick Miss Fortune support on certain situations or circumstances but wait!!!
Oh my, it looks like even in LCK they use Miss Fortune as a support.!

LCK Miss Fortune 2017

Economic Tips to use Miss Fortune as a support

Miss Fortune Masteries

1) Bandit Mastery

Free Gold when you use your spells to harass enemy champions. This mastery is just perfect for Miss Fortune as it helps you get gold and also support by harassing the enemy champion. The main spell you use to harass would and couple with this mastery is yup, you guessed it, make it rain (E).

2) Intelligence Mastery (Option 1)

Some would disagree as to why I would pick this mastery but let me explain. The way I play Miss Fortune is not to get kills or get high damage, if not I would’ve chosen the precision mastery instead. My way of playing Miss Fortune is to always be able to spam my E (Make it rain) to harass and to farm gold via champion. Thus, by having a lower a lower cooldown time, it benefits and suits this playstyle that I’m very much used to.

OP.gg MF

3) Precision Mastery (Option 2)

From op.gg howeverm you can see that most pro players who play Miss Fortune would rather go for the precision mastery. This will enable you to give a stronger poke as compared to using intelligence. In my opinion, this is depending on your playstyle and if you want to imitate the pro’s this is the mastery build you should go for.

4) Thunderlord Mastery

The thunderlord mastery is just additional damage that can be done on the enemy champion. Like I said before, it’s not mean to kill but just enough to sting and make em get the message, “Hey, my name is Miss Fortune and I’m gonna make it rain on your head all game, so stay away from my ADC!”

4) Spellthief as first Item

Since you already have the bandit mastery, why not further emphasize on gaining gold through your pokes. With this as your first item, you can poke and farm at such a phenomenal rate through enemy champions  (hahahahaha).

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