Aatrox’s 4 missing Warrior Brethrens
When will Aatrox get an expansion in his lore!!
Analisis | March 9, 2017 | By abang dots

Aatrox 1

Aatrox is a champion which has seen little improvement from RIOT. His lore has never been expanded in recent years and his story untold. What readers could get from this lore is that Aatrox is from an almost extinct race as there are only 4 others individuals/beings left, his race called the Darkins. The presence of Aatrox could sway the tide of battle such as stated in his lore. He changed the fate of the Protectorate as they waged a loosing war against the Magelords. As the battle ended, Aatrox would soon disappear and his presence only be remembered as stories.

Though Ezreal did find a trail of the presence of Aatrox in many cities. Stained glass in Damacia, statues in Noxus, an urn in the Shuriman Desert, a bone dagger found in Freljord and an Ionian carved woodblock. If an exact description was found in all these different places, Aatrox existence could surely not be a myth in the history of Runeterra (obviously since he’s a LoL champion)

The question I’d like to ask is, if all the evidence had only shown the existence of Aatrox, where are his other 4 brethrens? It’s stated in his lore that he isn’t the last of his kind and if he alone could change the sway of battle for an entire side, imagine if there are another 4 of them. If Aatrox could be personified as a god of war, then how about the others?? Could they be like the Greek Gods, a god of love, thunder, light or perhaps even the underworld?

Many people are awaiting the expansion of the lore of Aatrox, this includes us at DuniaLoL also.


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