Surprise Ending For TLC Quarter-Finals
Summary of the Quarter-Finals for TLC 2017
TLC/Malaysia | March 9, 2017 | By abang dots

Surprise Ending for TLC

Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like the Quarter-Finals for The Legend Circuit (TLC) has ended and the result can be considered a surprise. Though predictable game results such Fire Dragoons (FD) vs Dank Memes (DM) and Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) vs JnJ ESPORTS were obvious, the other 2 games were not.

Selangor Cyber Game Champions were defeated by Twice and the old guard Orange Esports were eliminated by Swestic, who could of predicted that such events would have unfold. Many in the community were surprised that Twice came up on top but if you were watching the game live on stream, the way victory was ascertained was simply amazing.  Let’s touch on the individual matches as a recap and summary for you the readers.

 FD vs DM

Let’s make it simple and get straight to the point, the games were decisive and clear cut. Fire Dragoons destroyed Dank Memes in all the games, granted on paper Dank Memes won 1 game but it was due to a disqualification whereby FD were late to the venue. This will forever be remembered as the day where the Malaysian community was introduced to the KFC challenge, a challenge where FD lost but they won the match instead.

If there was ever a match you’d want to watch in their best of 5, we recommend you watch game 3 where you can clearly see the domination of FD on their opponent. FD.CutestVita showed his strength as an ADC where he had a KDA of 14-0-10 as a Varus but the best play was actually when FD.Wynter evaded all of DM.Landa’s ultimate as a Xerath. The team took their disqualification from the 1st game, a came back to beat Dank Memes. Rather than crying over spilled milk, take action and show it in game. Goodjob Fire Dragoons and best of luck next time Dank Memes.

JnJ vs KLH

As we all know, KLH are undoubtedly the best League of Legends team in Malaysia. Though they did beat JnJ ESPORTS in the end, what was surprisingly fun to watch was actually the second game whereby JNJ had beaten the reigning champions. A relatively unknown team, came out of no where and thrashed the reigning champions 27-10. Though some may say that it was simply because KLH was throwing the game and weren’t focusing, to possible challengers to the crown watching the game, perhaps beating KLH isn’t such a distant dream.

Overhearing the discussion of some TLC players, they say KLH isn’t as strong as they were when OzoraVeki was still in the team, however many do recognize that Qaspiel has far surpassed his limitations of last year and that he is a much better player than he was. The question is, can Qaspiel carry his relatively new team members to the finishing line of TLC or will they crash and burn in a blaze of glory in the next stage of the tournament. Only time will tell.


“You are only as strong as your weakest link”, that is the moral of the story for this particular match. The weakness of Orange for this match was their top laner  ORG.Hoki26. In no way am I saying he is a bad player but he is matched up against quite possibly the worse type of matchup there is against SW.Rexxion. Hoki26 primarily plays the top lane with a tank champion whereas Rexxion would always go for a carry top.

In all 3 games, Hoki26 would get recked by Rexxion and then Rexxion would bring that advantage and affect the other lanes. His TP to bottom lane as a Rengar would destroy the opponent and his constant movement and map control as a Quinn would put the enemy mid lane in constant danger.
Without a doubt, MVP =Rexxion.


This was the biggest surprise of TLC so far, Twice a relatively unknown team defeating the champions of Selangor Cyber Games Mineski-X. In all every single game that Twice had won, you could see different members take the spotlight. Mineski-X lost game one due to previously BM’ing their opponent Despo. In game 2, you could see the top laner TW.Nekoko carry the game with his Darius. Though Mineski-X had won game 3, they were unable to stop Twice’s momentum and in game 4, Twice’s jungler TW.Whaoo brought in early contributions with his rotations as a Graves jungler.

Though previously Mineski-X had shown an unstoppable momentum, they seem demotivated as if they weren’t themselves. Twice capitalized on this and brought back a victory that shocked everyone in the LoL community. It looks like Twice has officially become an “the underdog” team to watch in TLC 2017. For a more detailed explanation press the LINK.

TLC Fixture Semi-Finals 2017 (Current TLC Standings)


Tell us what you think! Which team has shown the best performance so far and will they be able to continue this streak into the finals? Most importantly, do you think the Kuala Lumpur Hunters will still be champions of Malaysia? Spicy spicy stuff here….


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