Galio Too Stronk!
This monster is ready to make a comeback into the League of Legends but now as a SuperHero!!
Analisis | March 11, 2017 | By abang dots


Galio Pick

With the new rework set to hit the stage in patch 7.6 , we’re guessing it’ll be on the last week of April, Galio is set to be one of the most interesting reworks thus far. With a new set of abilities and an even cooler body (kinda like a superhero), we’re very sure that the Malaysian community will be instalocking him in a matter of seconds.

Galio Loading Screen

Galio Skin Diff

At this current moment of time, using my PBE account, it’s very difficult to determine what kind of role the new Galio can actually fit into (This is where some of you ‘pro’s’ will probably say  “no la, of course he is a _____ Laner) Truth be told we’ve tried him in all lanes and one thing’s confirmed is he can’t be an ADC (for sure).  We’ll cover more of Galio’s laning ability in the next article and it will come with video’s (promise!)

Zero To Hero


Lets Have A Look At His Abilities

Galio Passive

Colossal Smash (Passive) : Interesting, so every 8 seconds he basically hits like a Titanic Hydra with the option of a reduced cooldown if a spell hits. My question is, if you use his passive, then use your Q and then W, will the cooldown basically then be zero where you can use the passive again? If so, that would be pretty cool huh since you can probably do massive aoe damage and just for your info, his other abilities are aoe too. Ouch!


Galio Q

Winds of War (Q):This would probably be his main spamming ability, Winds of War (really?). Its kinda like Diana’s Q also but it comes out on both sides, the left and the right and when it combines together, it does percentage health damage. (Ouch!)  However, the mana cost is abit high though so I suggest you don’t spam it too much, great harassment ability. When practicing with this ability, you can straight away know that this is the ability you want to use to harass without risking your own life and it does pretty above average damage.


Galio W

Shields of Duran (W): This is pretty cool, because there’s 3 parts to the ability itself. The passive for this ability creates a shield for Galio if he doesn’t take damage for 12 seconds. ( I smell tanking capabilities here). The second part to it is a charging mechanism whereby when you press your W, Galio will start to move slower  but will also gain damage reduction. (Smels more tank capabilities). Third part, he then can release his ability (Shield of Duran) and taunts the enemy with a growing radius depending on how long he charges his W. (I’m starting to like this ability and the mana cost is low too!) Fyi- Shileds of Duran has nothing to do with Doran’s Shield (the item), or so we think.


Galio E

Justice Punch (E): huh… that’s a really corny  ass name if I do say so myself.This is where he takes a step back and jumps in a straight line and knocking up enemies in his path only to stop at the next champion he hits, the range limit or terrain blockage. The mana cost is pretty low, much lower than his Q. Could this be the skill to spam? 


Galio R

Hero’s Entrance (R):Last but not least,  his Ultimate, Heroe’s Entrance. Possibly the coolest Ultimate in the entire world of League of Legends. As you can see from the minimap, this ability has the range of almost half the map but the catch is, you can only target allied champions. Yup you guessed it, you can’t target enemy champions to use this ability so you’ll probably need someone to dive in and then you can make you “Hero’s Entrance” (Kabooom!) A cool thing is that when u press the R on an allied champion, that guy gets damage reduction!!! but what’s cooler is in about 2 seconds after you cast the ability, you jump in and do a pretty good amount of damage at a huge radius. This sure as hell sounds like Superman coming to save the day!


Superman vs GalioFor real right…. who needs Superman when you have Galio. Don’t you guys see the uncanny resemblance?
(I’m probably gonna write an article about this later on)



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