KLH Defends TLC Crown at 2017 Finals!
Crouching Tiger Hidden... Shiro! Roar!!!
TLC/Malaysia | March 13, 2017 | By abang dots

It looks like Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) is once again headed to the finals of The Legends Circuit  Malaysia 2017. They defeated Fire Dragoons with relative ease and secured their spot in the finals. Was this the expected result from everyone in the community? Let’s check out the games shall we.


Game 1 FDG vs KLH

As always, KLH.Qaspiel using Gragas made an impact early game with his good rotations, thus securing as many as 12 assists throughout the entire game. KLH.Shiro also dominated top with his Camille with a final score of 6-1-5 against FDG.Exile on his Fiora. It was a relatively predictable and easy game with KLH securing 2 dragons throughout the entire game where FDG secured none. Though FDG.Wynter with his Jayce at mid tried to make an impact, he was unable to stabilize the team and pull them through. The biggest flop in the game was indeed FDG.Wicked with his Elise at the jungle amassing only 86 cs and a score of 0-5-3  as compared to KLH.Qaspiel’s 232 cs and a final score of 3-2-12.

Summary: A solid performance by KLH with players from all lanes showing their abilities but the MVP, based on our observation is KLH jungler Qaspiel. Final game score. Kuala Lumpur Hunters 20-7 Fire Dragoons


KLH vs FD Game 2


In this game, Fire Dragoons were completely outclassed. Kuala Lumpur Hunter in this game seemed as if they they had a single mindset, objectives objectives and more objectives. KLH only lost 2 towers where Fire Dragoons lost a total of 7. KLH also secured a total of 3 dragons. What locked the fate of FDG was that when KLH was taking the Baron, FDG contested but were soon to be caught off guard where then KLH capitalized and finally slammed a nail in the coffin.

Summary: Once again Qaspiel slammed the doors shut on any hope of victory for FDG and once again he was given the chance to pick Gragas which in turn brought in the same result. FDG seemed to be at a lost to respond to the constant barrage of assault by their opponent. The MVP of the game was once again Qaspiel on his Gragas. The final score, Kuala Lumpur Hunters 20-7 Fire Dragoons.


KLH vs FD Game 3

In the last and final game between Kuala Lumpur Hunters and Fire Dragoons, the show this time did not belong to Qaspiel, it was actually KLH.Shiro who stole the show with his Maokai at the top lane. After getting first blood at top against FDG.Exile who was playing a Nautilus. Though both their cs were equal, Shiro’s final score was 3-3-14 whereas Nautilus was 0-0-6. The old time veteran KLH.Coolcat played an impressive Varus with a score of 8-0-8 and basically poked the enemy to death.

Summary: The top lane dominance resulted in KLH steamrolling the enemy opponent with ease and they had only lost 1 tower as compared to FDG who lost 6. MVP of the game was KLH.Shiro who played an outstanding Maokai!

Lets give some credit:

To team Fire Dragoons, you guys did your best and it was just not your day. You guys made it this far and came top of your group. Fire Dragoons are a relatively new team and we wish them the best of luck in their future careers. Hopefully we get to see you guys in the next TLC.

In the words of The Hunger Games: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

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