Plans for LoL in 2017
Awesome changes incoming for the year 2017!
Development | March 13, 2017 | By abang dots

It looks like RITO will be making huge changes for League of Legends in 2017.
Joe a.k.a NEW001 who is the Lead Producer for the game recently released a video informing audiences around the world about the upcoming changes in League.

Topics He Mentioned:

Client Update (Update/Changes)

Honor System (Update/Changes) (Major Changes)

Runes and Masteries (Update/Changes)(Major Changes)

Team Competition

Fulfilling Player Request

We will be covering all these topics this coming week so stay tuned ladies and gentlemen. We’re absolutely certain that all of these will affect players in a big way with the intention of improving the game itself. Hopefully RITO will finally listen to what us, the users have been complaining/sharing about, perhaps this time the changes planned will be sufficient for user experience!

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