Swestic Challenges TLC Crown!
Swestic dismantles Twice to go to TLC Finals
TLC/Malaysia | March 14, 2017 | By abang dots

My oh my….. it looks like Team Swestic had made their way into the Finals of the Legend Circuit 2017. After being stunned by their defeat to team Fire Dragoons in the group stages, knocking them into second place, team Swestic has crawled back into the limelight by beating their opponents and in the semi-finals, they did so to team Twice.

Though team Twice was considered an underdog of the tournament, they fought to the bitter end to show that they are not a team to be underestimated. Let’s have a look at the semi-final games to see what went down!

Swestic vs Twice Game 1

This game sure was exciting with good plays made from both teams. Both junglers made a considerable impact on the game SW.SnatcheR and TW.Whaoo. What differentiated both teams was that as a whole, Swestic was considerably a lil bit more solid as compared to Twice. Twice’s mid and bottom were lacking in damage and plays but their saving grace was their top and jungle TW.nekoko (Darius)  and TW.Whaoo (Graves)

The game ended with a final score of Swestic 30-19 Twice. 

Swestic vs Twice Game 2

If there was a lesson to be learnt from this game, it would be Top lane teleport can make a huge impact in the game. For instance, SW.Rexxion’s (Olaf) teleport to bottom lane enabled him to get an easy triple kill in the early game. This made his early game become even stronger due the bonus gold and in the end he ascertained a score of 9-4-6 but Twice’s top wasn’t that bad either, TW.nekoko (Darius) also made a significant impact on the game with his tank build and constantly getting into the faces of his opponent resulting in a score of 7-3-3. Again, the bottom lane for Twice suffered horribly with TW.Winter (Varus) making a very low impact on the game.

The game ended with a final score of Swestic 24-17 Twice

Swestic vs Twice Game 3

For the game that catapulted Twice into the finals, surprisingly it was SW.RAYZ on his Caitlyn who became the star of the show as he outclassed the enemy ADC with relative ease. After securing first blood on TW.Winter, RAYZ pushed for an early domination of the bottom lane with a final score of 10-2-3. For the side of Twice once again, though again and again TW.nekoko and TW.Whaoo secured kill after kill, the useless-ness of their mid and bottom lane became extremely visible (maybe it’s because mid was against Kirino, probably the best mid laner in the region)

The game ended with a final score of Swestic 23-17 Twice.

Lets give some credit:

To team Twice, we applaud you for reaching the semi-finals of The Legends Circuit 2017. Though you guys lost, you guys sure as hell gave one good fight. To my personal MVP’s TW.Whaoo and TW.Nekoko, you guys did your best and i’m sure both of you just got tons of new fans because of how you both played because truth be told, you got a fan in me guys. Best of luck!

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