TW.Nekoko and TW.Whaoo (Unsung Heroes)
Players with potential in Malaysia
TLC/Malaysia | March 14, 2017 | By abang dots

Nekoko Whaoo

Here’s why I decided to write an article to these 2 League Of Legends players.

So I was watching the TLC Semi-Finals  Match on Sunday between Swestic and Twice. In my mind, I thought for sureeeeeeee, Swestic was going to win but an upset would be pretty cool to see huh. Truth be told I’ve never really heard of Twice and I thought they had qualified into the TLC Semi-Finals by sheer luck. But then I remembered that these guys had actually beaten Mineski-X with relative ease (moment of silence and respect).

Back to the story, as I was watching the game on Sunday, I noticed one thing, these guys(Twice) didn’t perform to their best but…… not all of them actually. Perhaps it was pressure, perhaps it was just nerves or perhaps it was just because the other team’s better composition. But like I said, their top and jungler were outstanding given their predicament.

Who stood out?

Score Twice

During the entire match series, every single time the observer gazed upon the top and jungle, I would straight away pay attention. These 2 players, TW.Nekoko and TW.Whaoo, these two are like thunder and lightning due to impact they made in all 3 games. 

Imagine a situation whereby you see a sinking ship, in this context the ship is Twice. You know the ship is gonna sink to the bottom of the sea but then you see 2 brave sailors (Nekoko and Whaoo) giving their all to save the ship but no matter what they do.. it just wasn’t enough. Yes they pulled off some fantastic saves,plays and even kills.. but it was all doomed to fail. 

Why don’t you guys try watching the game. You’ll understand what I mean.

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