Runes and Mastery Changes?
Much needed rework needed for Runes and Masteries!
Analisis | March 15, 2017 | By abang dots

Ask RIOT Runes and Masteries

Hey guys, since the video release of RIOT’s upcoming plans for League of Legends last week(LINK), its got many of the community thinking about what exactly do they mean. In their exact words:

” we are currently exploring a major change to runes and masteries”

Runes 101

We at DuniaLoL belive that KeyStone Masteries are superb due to the fact that it literally and visually has an impact on the game. Thus players take it a little bit more seriously as compared to runes. In this article, we will be discussing about what reworks the runes system should undergo and give multiple suggestions for RIOT to take either fully or individually on all the points given to create a better and more exciting League of Legends experience.

Runes and Masteries

1) Combine Rune’s and Masteries into 1

This is possibly the most extreme suggestion that we have from DuniaLoL. Isn’t it going to be soo much cooler if both systems are combined and made into a bigger and even more customizable mastery page. Imagine a mastery page with more than just Ferocity, Cunning and Resolve. Imagine if they changed it into 5 categories, Movement, Agility, Strength, Intelligence and Resistance and players have more points to use to invest in their mastery rune page?


2) No more rune tier system

If you guys look at the tier system, it’s just really obvious that if your runes are not level-3, you might as well not have them (so to say) because the impact of a tier 1 as compared to tier 3 is miles away. If RIOT truly wishes to do something about the rune system, this is possibly one of the most important issue that they should consider.

3) Cutting the relationship between IP and Runes.

We at DuniaLoL believe that RITO should literally destroy the connection between IP and runes. This is because it’s really unfair nor is it fun for players to gain IP, then buy runes and use it to try and test a certain rune mechanic.

Of course all of this is purely speculative but indeed the Runes and Masteries need a major revamp as to make it more friendly and visually interesting to players. Do you guys have any suggestions? Tell us what you think guys!

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