Team Competition on LoL Client?
Online Weekend Cups are hopefully coming!
Development | March 16, 2017 | By abang dots

Hey All, this is possibly the most interesting thing RITO is currently working on based on the video released last week and that is Team Competitions on the LoL Client! Imagine an additional segment of the client which is purely dedicated on online competitions locally, regional and even globally. Well, that’s our expectation of their promise because it’s something which League of Legends must surely improve on.

Let’s take a look at our competition and see what they’ve done about Team Competition function in their client.

Battle Pass 2(Dota2 Client)

This is the Team Competition function in Dota2 but they call it the Battle Cup. They have online tournaments every once in a while but, you have to pay to be able to access this function. This function was made available some recently (last year or the year before I’m not too sure)


Imagine a Team Competition Function on the client we have right now but it’s free for all to use without paying. Then you can easily have access to online weekend cups right? Before this the problem with weekend cups is that you have to go to the location itself and go through the hassle of driving through the jam (Adoi)

After this, you can join weekend cups at the comfort of your own home, with your own peripherals and even with your own food. Pretty good deal right guys but……… There’s one problem, you’re mom and dad will probably be screaming at the background and asking you to take out the garbage or clean your room. (hahahaah)

Back to the story, we hope RITO makes this function a reality and further connects players online at the comfort of their homes. Then later on you have access to local tournaments, then regional and hopefully one day… a global one too. (that’s the dream yo)

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