Galio, Top Lane Or Jungle?
First look at Galio Top and Jungle!
PBE | March 17, 2017 | By abang dots

Welcome back to another article from DuniaLoL. Today, we’ll be discussing about the soon to be released reworked champion Galio. From the rework, none of us know where to actually put the champion in lane since the changes are….. as considered by some EXTREME.

In this article we explore Galio playing Top Lane and Jungle.

Top Lane

Galio New Skin 1

1) Galio can be played as a tanker at the top lane due to the abilities which he posses.

2) It’s easy to make him into a strong  tank top laner, his W (Shields of Duran) works in a way that he can soak in damage and essentially survive alone at the top lane.

3) His E (Justice Punch) allows him to dive or disengage enemy champions.

4) His Ult (Hero’s Entrance) allows him to assist mid or jungler due to its high range.

Galio Top Giph

By looking at how people with PBE accounts are playing Galio at the top lane, you can tell that he is a very efficient and dependable top laner. Built in tankiness, strong engagement/escape, good aoe damage with even an almost global ulti. It’s just amazing what this monster can do with his new set of abilities.

Granted, RITO loves making broken champions/reworks nowadays but in all honesty, this is even more broken than Camille when she first got released. Honestly, letting this guy play top will in the upcoming patch will probably ensure your team’s victory! (Hoo-Rah!)


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Galio 2

1) Galio can be played as a tanker in the jungle due to the abilities which he posses.

2) His passive, colossal smash enables him to clear out jungle camps at very fast rate due to it being AOE.

3) His E (Justice Punch) allows him to dive and gank other lanes which require assistance.

4) His Ult (Hero’s Entrance) allows him to make a sudden entrance into other lanes and gives your ally reduced damage from the enemy


What a surprise, this monster owns the jungle role with relative ease. His passive and Q destroys the raptor camp when all other junglers may struggle. Then top that up with his superman punch (Justice Punch) for ganks and you’ve probably got an awesome ganking tank champion. When in doubt, ping your allies to dive and then from a far… oh wait… its a bird.. its a plane.. oh SNAP its GALIO with his bloody ult (Hero’s Entrance).  I’m sure he’ll be changing the tide of battle in many many games to come =)

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Tell Us What You Think

Hey guys, do consider that all this was tested in PBE and of course, like always, League of Legends builds and itemization all require help from everyone. What is tested out here might actually not be enough nor does it describe the full potential of the champion itself. Use this as a basic guide, but hey, If you all have waaaayyy better suggestions…

But yea… is Galio a Top or Jungle! Which role does he best fit into?

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