There’s an Honor Rework?
Good Guys Finish Last?
Development | March 18, 2017 | By abang dots

Hey Hey Hey… in this article we’ll be covering the proposed Honor Rework that Mr.Rito mentioned in their video last week but honestly do you guys really think this will make a deep impact in the game? Take a look here:

Honor System

This is an example of how RITO displays the honor system. Let me ask you, do you guys even look at it? If you do, is this really how you judge another player? The question I’m asking is that, how big of an impact can this honor system truly make on us as players playing almost daily.

Honor system 1

It’s true that of course you want to promote good behavior in a game, but how far can good behavior truly put you especially with the current system. If being a good guy benefits you in matchmaking, ladder climbing, then by all means that would be great but so far, no game has truly promoted someone for not being salty.

Hey RITO, for once in our lives………… Let the nice guys come first?

Nice guys

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