Twice Claw Their Way To 3rd Place!
And the bronze medal goes to................... TWICE
TLC/Malaysia | March 19, 2017 | By Aiman Sabri

FD vs Twice Result

Ladies and Gentlement, yesterday’s TLC match sure was interesting, the results were once again a contradiction to many community predictions. TWICE, the relative underdog fought their way to gain 3rd position as they defeated team Fire Dragoon in a very close series of matches.

TWICE formerly known as SADES E-Sports ¬†played impressively with each member showcasing their talents. The true stars of the team were undoubtedly once again Nekoko and Whaoo as they contributed to the team’s victorious performance.

Though Fire Dragoons put up a good fight against their opponent, in the end, their efforts did not come to fruition.
Better luck next time guys, hopefully we get to see you again next time.

If you missed the game, catch it in the video below!

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