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Time to Shine boys and girls!
Aktiviti | March 21, 2017 | By abang dots


It looks like there’s a search going on ladies and gentlemen, Garena is looking for a couple of lucky students to HOST the upcoming MYCL tournament. What’s even more interesting is that the winner will also receive a 3 month internship at eGG Network! (Woah!!!). This is the perfect opportunity for students who will be graduating or even to those who just want to polish up their CV and Resume when looking for jobs. It’s an opportunity not to be missed and what’s more surprising is that they’ve opened it up to local and international students currently studying in any universities/college in Malaysia.


So do you think you’ve got the charisma and heart for this? Why don’t you try it out, maybe you could be the lucky winners. Don’t worry, even if your uncertain, we’re sure that Garena and eGG will guide you during the MYCL tournament itself. Perhaps, they will even coach you themselves and perhaps this might be the start of your hosting career my friends. 

Don’t worry, experience and game knowledge won’t minus your marks during the interview (though it is a bonus) but they are giving equal opportunity to gamers and non gamers too. Do you think you got what it takes? If yes follow these simple steps and you’ll probably get the opportunity yo!

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

So what are you guys waiting for. this is a golden opportunity not to be missed. Apply, Get, Host,Internship and the Get A Job at eGG! That’s a pretty straight path if you ask me. Good luck to all those that have and will apply but don’t forget yooooo 2nd APRIL is the closing date!

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