3 Best Galio Skins!
Our pick of the 3 Best Galio Skins you gotta have!
Development | March 23, 2017 | By abang dots

3 Best Galio Skins

Oh yea oh yea…. Galio is out boys and girls. The “Superman” of champions is here to stay in League of Legends and I’m sure some of you are already instalocking the crap outta the champion. Granted, he is a pretty awesome champion but this article isn’t going to be about the champion abilities and play style, you can get that in another article titled, Galio, Top Lane or Jungle.

This article is to discuss the 3 best Galio skins yo, so take note. Galio in total has 6 different skins including his default/original skin. Truth be told all of them have really good design with different colors to each. Have a look below and tell me which you think is the best and as you continue reading, we will then tell you which of them we’ve deemed as the best skin for Galio

Galio Original

Galio Hex
Galio Gate
Galio Enc
Galio Deb
Galio Com

I don’t know about you guys, but damn………………. all the skins look pretty freakin cool right but we have to pick 3 of these skins as the best Galio Skins. Again, this is indeed an opinion piece and everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is ours (dunialol) but don’t worry, we’ll give you guys a short explanation as to why we think so =p
There is no particular order as to which is the best skin but we’ll just be giving our top 3, in no particular order.

Number 1 (Commando Galio)

Commando Galio

Ho Ho Ho.. Commando Galio. There is just something about this skins that just stands out. Maybe it’s the colors that make him ultra badass, maybe it’s the name “Commando” or maybe it’s cos of envisioning himself as a top elite fighter that is sent to the rescue to save your allies in desperate times like the SAS (British) or Special Forces (USA) , technically he is that kind hero.. duhh his ultimate is (Hero’s Entrance)

Undoubtedly we are just assessing this skin based on pure aesthetics only but you have to admit, this guy looks pretty cool and just you wait for it when he does his ulti, you’ll probably feel the whole commando aura yourself. (win)


No 2 (Gatekeeper Galio)

Gatekeeper Galio

This one right here, possibly the most unique Galio skin available due to its custom recall animation. In normal Galio skins, he would just flex both his wings and then jump into the sky like how superman would do it but for Gatekeeper Galio, his wings would detach and form a teleportation gate where he walks in and emerges out to the fountain in a calm and cool manner. 

Aesthetically, he looks like a demon from hell and again, he looks badass in his armor. You might want to consider getting this skin honestly due to the badass-ness of it. Another champion that has almost the same recall action is Bloodmoon Twisted Fate where he opens a gate using his cards before walking in. 

No.3 (Enchanted Galio)

Enchanted Galio

Unlike all other Galio skin, this skin is unique aesthetically in a way that, if you carefully look, the main part of the body is made of energy/spirit as compared to other Galio skins which are made of solid mass. The colors of this skin is also easier on the eyes as compared to the other skins. The bright and dark blue also makes the champion stand out more. Imagine a really really hectic team fight where sometimes you lose track of you champion (possible the first couple of times you use the Ultimate) you’d instantly know from the bright and dark blue of your champion that hey… that’s my champion.. LoL am I making any sense to you guys?

Also, something i rarely touch on is the death animation…  it’s a sick death animation whereby Galio (after death) turns into sand and disintegrates into this air. With wings detached and destroyed, it’s a pretty nice touch befitting a superhero’s death. (salute)

Tell Us What You Think

Which Galio Skin do you think is the best? Are all the Galio skins pretty much awesome or not? If you think I’ve got the wrong 3 up here, please tell us your own take of it but yeah guys… the most important thing is… make sure you don’t have a naked Galio yo.. Ok i’m gonna go instalock some Galio action now. See ya when I see you boys and girls =p

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