Dreadnova Darius is Gangster
The Hand of Noxus swinging down dread to his enemies with an all new vicious skin.
PBE | March 29, 2017 | By Korra



The Emperor of Despair descends into the Public Beta Environment earlier last week and one word perfectly describes Darius’s new skin; gangster.

Clad in high-tech armour reminiscent to the Mecha and Project series, Dreadnova Darius swings his almighty executioner’s blade on Champions and Minions alike. In the Pre-release Skin Spotlight on Youtube, we get to sneak a peek at the new armour-clad Hand of Noxus.


To note, the new skin can be seen as something from the Starship Troopers film or even a futuristic space soldier. His menacing look is only enhanced by the visual changes in his gigantic axe, of what seems to have transformed into a pseudo-chainsaw illuminated by an eerie orange light. To top it off, he can now light up like a Christmas tree when achieving a full Hemorrhage stack or after casting his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine.

Many in the PBE scene noted the similarities between the original skin and the all-new Dreadnova however none can deny that adding a new colour scheme as well as a bad*** thruster to the axe has enhanced the pressuring ‘aura’ of facing Darius in lane. Even his new sound effect of the pseudo-chainsaw can cause the opponents to shiver in fear.

Death by my hand

                                                                                     ” Death by my hand”

The champion Darius himself is already a popular pick in the Summoner’s Rift, prominently in his primary lane at top side as well as being the bruiser of his team. Acting as a semi-tank or even a full on AD Champion, Darius has been a tough nut to crack by opposing Champions. Add in a series of sweet skins on top of his already delicious skill sets as well as a non-existent nerf in the near future, we can be sure to see him being constantly picked in any elo rank for the remainder of the season.


As the skin has only been teased and tested in the PBE, we expect a few changes to happen until it’s actual release into the Summoner’s Rift but here’s what we do know what makes this skin a must have besides Dunkmaster Darius:

  • Visual changes to all abilities, updated to suit the futuristic theme of the skin.


  • Round satellites added to count the amount of Hemorrhage stacks on the opponent.


  • New Visual on Recall cast.


  • His ultimate, Noxian Guillotine, crushes in with a new definition for “get rekt”.


However Summoners must take note that Dreadnova Darius is a Loot-exclusive skin as of now, joining the ranks of Hextech Annie and Soulstealer Vayne. He can also be crafted and drop as a gem shard. True fans of the Hand of Noxus will definitely have an arduous yet fulfilling task in unlocking said skin.


Dreadnova Darius is expected to be released alongside God Fist Lee Sin.





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